25 Luxury Brands on Shopify Plus

25 Luxury Brands on Shopify Plus

Published by Charlotte Davies


The luxury ecommerce space has never been so competitive. In fact, research suggests that luxury sales are “projected to grow at twice the market rate and capture 18% of all sales revenue by 2023. So, how can luxury brands stand out from their competitors and keep customers coming back for more? 

Well, what were once key differentiators, such as exclusivity, quality and craftsmanship, simply aren’t enough anymore. Instead, luxury brands need to create clean, intuitive online shopping experiences with a laser-sharp focus on UX and functionality, in order to drive customer engagement, improve customer retention and ultimately boost conversions. To do this, luxury retailers are deciding to make the move to Shopify Plus because of the simplicity of the platform and its focus on the front-end. Not to mention its deep app ecosystem, which gives luxury brands the ability to meet their functional requirements, including personalisation, merchandising and content management. To find out more about the benefits of Plus, check out 10 reasons you should move to Shopify Plus.  

In this article, we list 25 luxury brands and retailers leveraging the power of Shopify Plus to create exceptional customer experiences.


2. Victoria Beckham

3. Gnomon Watches

4. Linda Farrow 

5. Rebecca Minkoff


7. Ulla Johnson


9. Khaite

10. Todd Snyder

11. Chinti & Parker

12.  Galvan London

13. Bremont

14. Lorenzi Milano

15. Irene Neuwirth

16.  Alighieri

17. Kirna Zabête

18. Journelle

19. Boll & Branch

20. Charlotte Simone


22. Peter Sheppard

23. Peacock Alley

24. Lightbox Jewellery

25. Mansur Gavriel

Ready to make the move to Shopify Plus?

We hope you’re feeling inspired after reading this article. If you’re interested in learning more about Shopify Plus or want help to migrate your ecommerce business operations over to the platform, get in touch with our team of Shopify Plus experts today, we’d be happy to help. 

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Also, if you come across any more luxury brands and retailers on Shopify Plus, let us know in the comments or drop us an email, and we’ll get them added to this list. 

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