30 of the Biggest Names and Brands on Shopify Plus


Published by Charlotte Davies


Shopify Plus has established itself as the fastest-growing ecommerce platform in the world. Unmatched in scalability and function, the platform is powering some of the biggest brands across the globe. From household products to big celebrity names, more and more brands are turning to Shopify Plus to host their ecommerce store. 

Want to know what brands use Shopify Plus? Here we look at some of the biggest names who made the switch to Shopify Plus to sell online: 


With the onset of COVID-19, the 150-year-old food giant wanted to ensure its consumers had access to its much-loved products with ease, so quickly made the switch to Shopify Plus. 


Outgrowing its slow Magento platform, Gymshark migrated to Shopify Plus to scale globally and hasn’t looked back! Since the migration, the leading fitness and accessory brand has become the UK’s newest £1bn company and has customers in over 131 countries. 

Finlay & Co

The iconic eyewear brand, Finlay & Co needed to make the move away from their slow Magento platform that had failed them during surges of high traffic, so made the switch to Shopify Plus. The new platform allows them to showcase their beautiful eyewear products in a new, innovative way. 


During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became unquestionably clear to the international chocolate pioneer that it needed to adapt and start selling online. So Lindt turned to Shopify Plus to sell its seasonal chocolate to its loyal customers. The brand’s online store is also an example of how quickly a Shopify Plus stores can be created and launched.

Kylie Cosmetics

Global sensation and cosmetic queen, Kylie Jenner uses Shopify Plus to support her entrepreneurial empire. Marrying a simple design with sleek customisations the Shopify Plus platform has allowed the brand to scale. After launching on Plus, Kylie’s matte liquid lipstick sold out in seconds. 

Red Bull 

Through Shopify Plus, the energy drink enterprise is able to create a seamless and speedy store, one that perfectly reflects its brand image and customers’ demands. 

All Birds

Through the power of Shopify Plus sustainable fashion brand, All Birds have been able to give their customers a world-class customer experience, anytime and anywhere.


Global make-up brand, Morphe has been taking the cosmetic industry by storm, inspiring creativity in its cult following with bold-coloured eyeshadow and innovative make-up brushes without breaking the bank. With Shopify Plus, the beauty brand can deliver an exceptional customer experience to its fans wherever and whenever. 

Linda Farrow 

Since launching in 1970, luxury eyewear brand, Linda Farrow has gone from strength to strength. Frustrated with its slow Magento 2 platform, the brand needed a simple, stylish and slick platform that would allow them to display their stylish products in a user-friendly way, so migrated to Shopify Plus. 


Founded in 2015, the band has grown rapidly, with 9 global online stores and over 120 staff. To improve the efficiency of onboarding new staff, Huel moved to a Shopify Plus admin. The brand can now quickly assign and unassign new staff roles across its global workforce. 


Shopify Plus powers beer giant, Budweiser making it easier for them to sell their trademark alcoholic drinks and manage their multiple storefronts worldwide. Because Shopify Plus is a hosted platform and a lot of the development work is taken care of, Budweiser has been able to test out the market for various new branded beverages, such as Red Lights

Public Desire

After significantly outgrowing its previous Magento platform global footwear brand, Public Desire needed a store that was fast, flexible and functional, so made the move to Shopify Plus. The new platform allows the brand’s customers to find the perfect shoes for them with ease and offers a streamless customer journey. 


With a turnover of over $9 billion and more than 5000 products to its name, Nescafe is the largest brand in the Nestle family. Its array of creamy coffee products are available to buy on its Shopify Plus store. 

Personalised Co.

Personalised Co has revolutionised the way people across the globe consume nutritional products. A DTC supplement brand, Personalised Co is bridging the gap between technology and fitness. From an innovative nutritional quiz to an advanced loyalty program, Shopify Plus has completely transformed the brand’s customer experience. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics 

American make-up artist, fashion designer and singer Jeffree Star relies on Shopify Plus to power his beauty empire, Jeffree Star Cosmetics. Jeffree invested his life savings to start the makeup line back in 2014. The company is now estimated to sell over $100 million every year. 

Femme Luxe

The multi-million-pound fashion brand has its own mass celebrity following and needed an ecommerce platform that supported this. So made the move from Magento to Shopify Plus. The brand now has a slick, fast and functional online store that allows its customers to shop with ease and purchase their favourite influencer inspired collections in just a few simple clicks.  

Bonus. Taylor Swift 

Country-pop icon Taylor Swift launched on Shopify Plus to sell her merchandise. The new platform allows the megastar to reach her beloved fans across the globe and with ease.

AAB Collection 

The world’s leading modest fashion brand, AAB sells its bespoke and limited edition clothes on Shopify Plus. Since launching on the premium platform, the brand has reported a significant uplift in traffic and conversions compared to the previous site. 

Lazy Oaf

Inspired by teenage rebellion and youth nostalgia, Lazy Oaf sells its irreverent streetwear collection on Shopify Plus. 

Victoria Beckham

Ex-spice girl and fashionista, Victoria Beckham has become one of their most iconic designers of the 21st Century. To scale globally, Victoria Beckham uses Shopify Plus. 

Rebecca Minkoff

To display her extensive footwear, jewellery, accessories and footwear collections, Rebecca Minkoff utilises Shopify Plus.  

The New York Times

With 1 million digital subscribers and a revenue of over $800 million, The New York Times leverage the power of Shopify Plus to sell books, branded merchandise and photography to its worldwide audience. 

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

To sell its variety of products including books, clothes, home decor and entertainment, the BBC use Shopify Plus. Since launching on the platform, they have seen significant revenue growth. 


The electric vehicle and clean energy company, Tesla relies on Shopify Plus to accelerate business growth. Via Tesla’s online shop, customers can purchase anything from charging devices to hats and toys. 

Lavish Alice

Contemporary women’s wear label Lavish Alice is selling more thanks to the scalable, flexible, and secure self-hosted Shopify Plus platform. 

ColourPop Cosmetics

ColourPop redefines luxury beauty by creating high-quality products at affordable prices. Because of Shopify Plus, the brand has been able to scale globally, whilst also displaying its products in a way their customers love.


The fitness fast-tracker sensation, Fitbit can stay one step ahead of its competitors with Shopify Plus.


You’ve probably seen Missoma’s modern jewellery collections being worn by A-lister across the globe. The brand chose Shopify Plus to drive its online business forward. 

KKW Beauty

Following in her younger sister’s footsteps, Kim Kardashian West’s global beauty enterprise is powered by Shopify Plus. The platform allows KKW Beauty to handle peaks in traffic and big product drops following item purchases of highly anticipated products. 

Santo Remedio 

Last but certainly not least, health and medical experts, Santo Remedio. The brand relies on Shopify Plus to deliver a seamless customer experience, as well as contribute to the growth of founder and best-selling author, Dr Juan Rivera.

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