About Us

We’re Velstar. A team of Shopify Plus experts, UX creatives, growth marketers, and most importantly: your answer to online success.

We were born in 2016 and have been scaling direct-to-consumer brands ever since. We’ve made a mark in the Shopify world, but involve ourselves beyond just building ecommerce stores. As growth marketers, we also challenge what drives traffic to them—and turn that traffic into golden, long-term customers.

Transformations this way


Many companies mention values.
We’ve been living ours for years.


Our clients’ success is our success. It’s in our interest to put them first, so falling short of their needs, wants, and expectations won’t ever be an option.


We keep our fingers on the pulse and are always sharing our perspectives and learnings. We want to play a part in making ecommerce better for everyone, everywhere.


What keeps you up at night is what gets us up in a morning. If something can be made quicker, easier, or better for you, it will be.


We keep pace with ecommerce advancements and obsess over being at the forefront. The result? Client sites that don’t just move with the times, but set them.

Our Team

Dan Sheard


Graham Withe

Managing Director, Marketing

Barry Kilby

Technical Director

Nicole Delaney

Commercial Director

Holly Roberts

Finance & Operations Director

Paul Myers

Digital Marketing Director

Gavin Parkinson

Client Services Director

Frederik Opdeweegh

Commercial Manager

Paul Knight

Head of Delivery

Barry Goffett

Head of Development

Chris Arrowsmith

Head of Design

Manon Conejero

Senior Project Manager

Jonathan Simpson

Senior Project Manager

Michael Gainford


Hannah Southgate

Operations Assistant

Vince Hollywood

Technical Lead

Rob Watts

Paid Social Media Manager

Amy Forrester

Project Manager

Joshua Bryan

Back-End Developer

Razi Syed

Senior Front-End Developer

Richard David

Senior UX/UI Designer

Liam McKenna

Senior Front-End Developer

Matty Johnson

Front-End Developer

Steven Henderson

Front-End Developer

Shubham Sharma

PPC Manager

Amit Singh

Senior Front-End Developer

Jamie Baker

Junior Front-End Developer

Tried and tested technology

As your ecommerce partner, we’ll guide you to the best technology vendors, spot opportunities for transformation, and make sure you’re making the most of your tech stack.

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If you’ve a passion for ecommerce, a hunger to learn, and a drive to keep pushing forward, pull up a seat.

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