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Case Study Preview

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International medical experts, helping people live a healthier life. 


Santo Remedio combines traditional ingredients with the latest nutritional science to make incredible products. The brand’s founder and top-selling author, Dr Juan Rivera is now one of the most respected medical experts in the industry and serves as the Chief Medical Correspondent for the Univision TV Network.

The Challenge

As a newly established brand, Santo Remedio needed a website that would contribute to both the growth of the business and co-founder Dr Juan. The ecommerce site also needed to be fast, flexible and easy to manage post-launch. Unmatched in scalability with infinite customisation possibilities, Shopify Plus was the perfect platform for the brand to move to.

The Solution

Central to the project was for the new and bespoke design to reflect Santo’s aesthetic as a clean and innovative brand, as well as raise the standard for user experience. We did this by using clear product imagery on the collection pages alongside descriptive product information, including ingredients, benefits and frequently asked questions.

What’s more, we added a zoom feature to the imagery so users could have a complete 360-degree experience of the product, along with a quick add to cart button – making it easier for customers to purchase. An AJAX Shopping Cart feature complemented this, so a customer can instantly view and amend their cart without leaving the page they’re on.

To further improve user experience, we integrated subscriptions platform, ReCharge. This allows Santo to nurture returning customers through a customised subscription model. Which will ultimately increase retention rates by catering to shoppers’ need for flexibility and convenience.

And we integrated Gorgias, allowing Santo Remedio’s customer service team to manage all of their customer support channels in one place, which means they can respond to enquiries more efficiently.

Throughout the site, we wanted to leverage the power of Dr Juan’s following and utilise his educational content to enable the brand to attract new customers and encourage sales. We did this by creating product pages for his books and used promotional banners and push notifications throughout the site using his image and media.

For a dynamic and engaging homepage, we added video content from Dr Juan’s video channel and ensured all important information could be easily accessed in a few clicks. This simplifies navigation whilst creating a deeper, more meaningful shopping experience, and maximising chances of purchase.

And to cater to Santo Remedio’s diverse audience, we integrated a localised language function in EN and ES. 

Finally, although Santo Remedio was a new brand, they already had a well-established following and were looking for a way to give something back to their loyal fans. So, we partnered with LoyaltyLion to deliver a robust loyalty program. Creating a strategically structured reward tiers system, we integrated the program with Klaviyo to maximise involvement across email and SMS. 

Following the Shopify Plus design and build, Santo also needed a team of digital marketing experts that could drive the brand to the next level post-launch. With years of expertise, Velstar’s marketing team was a perfect choice. 

For SEO, Velstar proposed a backlink-building plan to gain authority quickly. We also put together an in-depth keyword research plan, which included targeted long-tail keywords and gaps in competitor strategies. And we implemented hreflang tags to communicate the site’s language to search engines. 

Our team of paid search specialists created a bespoke and ambitious PPC strategy to support and achieve Santo’s commercial objectives. The new strategy followed a ‘test and learn’ approach. This ensured all targeting and optimisation decisions were based on reliable data.

Harnessing the power of Klaviyo, we built segments using behavioural and transactional data to create more targeted email campaigns. And used flows based on online behaviour such as purchase. Also, our team of creators revamped Santo’s email templates; strategically designing and creating emails that were on-brand and resonated with their target audience, for campaign success in both English and Spanish.

The Results

Thanks to Dr Juan’s stature, Santo Remedio has seen a significant increase in traffic and exposure. This coupled with a highly functioning Shopify Plus site and Velstar’s ecommerce expertise has enabled the brand to consistently outperform its pre-launch projections. In the first 2 months, post-launch Santo Remedio saw 3x more sales than initially predicted.

We continue to partner with Santo Remedio on an ongoing basis, to help them achieve their business goals. This includes Paid Search Advertising, Organic Growth Marketing and Direct Marketing advice. Recently, we have expanded Santo’s marketing with SMS to engage mobile shoppers and drive further traffic.


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