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Founded in 1998, Henley Bridge provided sugar and confectionery to small businesses, all whilst working out of a converted barn on a local farm. Over two decades later, it now offers over 1,500 products, works with over 90 brands, and is the high-end ingredients distributor of choice for chocolatiers, gelato artists, bakers and chefs across the UK.

The Challenge

Already on Shopify, Henley Bridge was looking to refresh their outdated design and improve the overall functionality of their site. This included upgrading their wholesale and invoice solution, as well as improvements to the content manageability of their store. 

Known for our Shopify expertise and proven track record of delivering exceptional results with the platform, we were the obvious choice to manage the design and deliver a modern, first-class website for the brand.

The Solution

First, we got to work building a strong understanding of the brand’s business objectives and learning more about their target audience. This allowed us to suggest the most appropriate and most powerful technical enhancements. Then, our UX and UI specialists designed a new website that streamlined the customer journey, so users can naturally browse a wide range of products and collections with minimal effort. 

Following a thorough analysis of Henley Bridge’s onsite customer behaviour we found that the ‘Resources’ page was a key traffic driver, and where customers liked to spend a large proportion of their time. So we overhauled this entire section, making it easier for users to access recipes, culinary techniques, product news, and industry insights. To do this, we integrated DropInBlog, which not only makes the content more manageable for the customer, but it also gives Henley Bridge the freedom and flexibility to customise the layout of each resource page based on new product launches and marketing campaigns, as well as upload video content, whilst tagging products.

In addition to this, we wanted to leverage the brand’s large social media following and utilise user-generated content on their new site. So we installed the Showcase app, which turns Instagram content into a shoppable Instagram gallery, where customers can easily click each culinary masterpiece to access the ingredients list. 

A particular area of improvement was creating a fully branded post-purchase experience for customers. So we integrated the Sufio app which extends Henley Bridge’s new site style into invoices that go out in an email confirmation to customers rather than plain text purchase receipts. 

Data security was another priority when it came to the new Shopify store, so we integrated the leading backup app Rewind. This gives Henley Bridge peace of mind knowing that all their important store data is automatically backed up and can be easily retrieved if an error occurred. 

For the product pages, we fully optimised each page for conversions. Our team of Shopify specialists integrated an Ajax cart to improve the speed at which customers can add products to their cart. The quick ‘add to cart’ functionality means customers can seamlessly add products at the click of a button, without leaving the page they’re on. 

Also, we installed the Smart Wishlists app, which enables customers to create a wishlist without user registration or login. Also, when a customer creates a wishlist, they can share it with friends and family via social media and email. This will reduce the possibility of customers getting lost on their way to checkout, as well as allow Henley Bridge to create more tailored marketing campaigns and expand their customer base.

The Results

Henley Bridge now has a refreshed Shopify store that is fully responsive, relevant and informative, emphasising the brand’s unique heritage and high-end products at every customer touchpoint. Since launching, the brand has seen a significant increase in online conversions, and the response from visitors, stakeholders and internal staff has been “overwhelmingly positive”.

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