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  • Custom Shopify Upgrade and Development
  • Marketing Strategy
  • UX & UI Design
Case Study Preview

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Luxury jeans wear provider for men and women.


Legend London was created to give stylish men and women the best and most luxurious jeans they can ever have. Legend’s jeans are made with the utmost art and perfection. They are skinny enough to give you the perfect fit, yet stretchy enough to give you great comfort.

The Challenge

When Legend London approached Velstar, their website was no longer representing the brand as a design authority and needed to be updated to cater to their young, modern and mobile-first audience. With Velstar’s years of retail experience, we recommended a new custom Shopify theme for their pre-existing Shopify store.

The Solution

After working closely with Legend London and following rigorous research, we delivered a digital strategy which helped to inform the redesign and redevelopment. In particular, we identified that in 2019, an average of 65% of site visits was generated from mobile devices, but site loading time was a painful 5.2 seconds. This, combined with Legend London’s current design and search engine visibility, were key focuses of improvement.

Our UX and UI designers got to work creating a modern, seamless customer journey. We made essential interface design enhancements, as well as alterations to the onsite navigation. For example, on the homepage, the goal was to drive customers around the site, friction-free, and provide a flexible framework that Legend London’s team could easily control and edit.

When it came to the main menu, simplicity was key. Putting Legend London’s product imagery centre stage, the drop-down menu offers customers a snapshot of the products to entice further. And to keep navigation simple, the drop-down menu allows users to easily find the product they are looking for based on collection categories.

The minimalist design continues onto the product pages. Each page is clear, clean and concise, providing the user with key information about each product, whilst giving them a 360-degree snapshot of the products. And to boost conversions and improve the customer journey we implemented upselling tactics on the product pages with ‘you may also like’ and ‘related product’ suggestions.

Finally, we utilised Shopify Payments’ multi-currency converter to allow Legend London’s customers to shop in their local currency. This included offering currencies in GBP, INR, CAD, AUD, EUR, JPY and USD. Not only is this a surefire way to drive conversions, but it also allows the brand to scale internationally. To go one step further, we also implemented geolocation IP detection to automatically identify which country the customer is in so that they could be routed to their local site.

The Results

Our primary aim was to deliver a much better online experience for their customers, and we have achieved just that. Legend London’s website has now had a 188% increase in speed, lifting the original site speed from a 5.2 second load time on mobile to a swift 1.8 seconds.

Also, in the 6 months following the launch of the new website, Legend London saw a 117% increase in site sessions, an 33% increase in revenue including a 105% increase in revenue generated from mobile, a 13% decrease in bounce rate and a 49% increase in organic search rankings.

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