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 International supplier of fitness & physiotherapy equipment.


Revolutionary fitness experts, Meglio stock an extensive range of premium products, including resistance bands, yoga mats, kinesiology tape and acupuncture needles. Physiotherapists craft all the brand’s products too.

The Challenge

Before approaching Velstar, Meglio was struggling to achieve successful results through their current PPC and paid social ad campaigns. With the brand’s ad spend delivering a negative ROI coupled with a poor account structure, Meglio was losing customers to its competitors at a significant rate.

With Velstar’s proven track record of delivering significant results for our digital marketing clients, Meglio turned to us for help.

The Solution

To meet Meglio’s business objectives, we had to develop a strategy that would increase sales and help signal authority.

Our first step was to conduct a thorough site audit to identify key areas of improvement. Here, we focused on account structure, ad copy and extension, keyword selection and conversion tracking 

We found Meglio had 10 active campaigns, all of which had minimal volumes of ad groups in vague themes. They were using poor negative keywords, no UTM tracking codes were installed and no bidding scripts were being used.

So, our team of PPC experts got to work restructuring and tightening Meglio’s ad account. This included setting up conversion tracking correctly; such as Google Tag Manager and tracking templates within AdWords to ensure every campaign Adgroup and advert keyword was visible within Google Analytics.

When we delved deeper into Meglio’s ads, we found the copy wasn’t geared to entice click-throughs and was very repetitive. What’s more, the links used on the ads were driving traffic to the homepage and in some cases 404 pages.

So, our team of creatives revamped the brand’s ad copy with clear and prominent CTA’s, ensuring all copy aligned to Google’s character requirements. And we refined landing pages to increase conversion rates, with a specific focus on product pages.

Following thorough keyword research and competitor analysis, we identified what and where to target and started grouping Ad Groups by a common theme. We did this by limiting the number of keywords used in each ad group and following best practices; we used one keyword per ad group split by match type.

To ensure Meglio’s ads were reaching the right people at the right time, we defined targeted audiences based on location, device and time. From there, we systematically A/B tested ads, copy and keywords. After a few months of working on Meglio’s ad account, we created automatic bidding scripts based on customers’ search behaviour derived from Google Analytics, to maximise ROA at every angle.

As well as PPC, we identified an opportunity for Meglio to increase reach and drive revenue by giving their social media campaigns a boost. Our paid ads experts proposed Meglio do something new. So, we developed a Facebook best practices approach that would maximise overall return by leveraging various optimisation tools. And placed a variety of creative formats including carousel, video and static posts within a combination of conversion and lead generation campaigns. 

What’s more, we restructured Meglio’s Facebook Business Manager account to ensure it was set up for visibility and optimisation within the Facebook algorithm. Additionally, we also rejigged Meglio’s social media calendar and focused on key promotions and dates that we knew would spark engagement and generate the largest volume of sales.

By prospecting new audiences and re-engaging past purchasers, we could help Meglio maximise ROA’S whilst opening up their reach to drive revenue.

The Results

In the last 12 months, working with Velstar’s digital marketing experts, Meglio has seen 76% increase in site visits, 114% increase in total orders, an 835% increase in sales (from marketing alone), 135% increase in Facebook sales, and a 1,205% increase in Instagram sales.

But it doesn’t end there. Meglio has consistently outperformed its sales targets, with 6 consecutive months of record-breaking sales. Including a 122% increase in sales (from marketing), 337% increase in Instagram sales, a 13% increase in AOV and a 25% increase in total order volume.

As Meglio’s chosen digital marketing partner agency, we continue to work with the brand to help achieve their business objectives and drive them to new heights. 

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