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Case Study Preview

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UK-based vitamin and supplement provider.


Established in 2014, Nutravita supplies a range of high-quality vitamins and supplements, helping thousands of people achieve their desired goals and live healthier. 

The Challenge

Nutravita drove a majority of their sales via Amazon and had very little bandwidth to implement their marketing and development ideas in-house.

Nutravita appointed Velstar to assist them with their Marketing needs to grow their online presence. 

The Solution

After an in-depth audit and analysis of how Nutravita’s current site was performing, we identified four key areas of improvement: increase organic traffic volumes and revenue, increase the revenue of current paid advertising, improve conversation rate and implement tracking, and finally increase sales via win back, push and retention.

From the start, we revamped and set up new tracking tags via Google Tag Manager. This was so we could clearly track conversions, website analytics and implement re-targeting methods to ultimately build a sustainable account structure. 

We then improved site speed, after identifying app, scripts, code, images and redirects that were slowing the site down. This was to improve the overall customer experience and reduce the page bounce rate. 

Site optimisation was also on our list of priorities. Nutravita ranked for over 600 terms, however, the breakdown ranged from positions 1-3: 2.86% to positions 51-100: 53.16%. Central to improving these rankings was keyword research, identifying on-page content gaps coupled with a content calendar plan based around researched keywords and phrases to develop off-page rank improvements and start delivering for border search terms. 

Besides using keywords in the body of the site content, we improved other elements, including titles, meta descriptions, images and image tags to boost SEO. 

It was imperative that the content being produced on Nurtravita’s site was relevant and engaged their target audience. To help them with this, we developed a content strategy, by identifying content gaps in the market and long-tail keyword search terms, as well as looking at answer questions used to push Google answer box. 

To increase conversion rate, we worked with Nutravita to improve the customer experience. From vibrant web design ideas to A/B testing, we helped the brand understand what their customers wanted, needed and disliked. 

We also implemented improvements to Nutravita’s email marketing process. We helped them make the switch from MailChimp to Klaviyo – which is fully integrated with Shopify. We utilised Klaviyo’s features, including setting up email automation and list segmentation. This was used to help Nutravita build better connections with their costumes and drive more traffic to their site.

Most recently, we have made page amendments, added the ReCharge subscription app and a delivery calculator to product pages.

The Results

Since working with our team of Shopify experts, Nutravita has seen a significant increase in their website traffic and a clear ROI.

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