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  • Additional Build of Wholesale Channels
  • Custom Shopify Plus Development
  • SAP Integration Inventory Management
  • UX & UI Design
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Award-winning changing bags for parents worldwide.


Founded in 2003 with a single aim; to design one bag that does two jobs – one bag that you will love enough to use as your regular bag, but with all the added intelligent features to make your job easier as parents. Since then, Storksak has grown into a multi-award winning brand producing thousands of changing bags for parents across the globe.

The Challenge

Following recent growth, the brand has built a large community of loyal customers. As a result, Storksak needed a site for wider territories including the UK, Europe and Australia, with additional wholesale channels to manage their inventory efficiently.

After considering many other ecommerce platforms, it was clear Shopify Plus was the perfect solution and Velstar was the chosen Shopify Plus agency to design and build their brand their new store.  

The Solution

Storksak’s new Shopify Plus store needed to offer a significantly richer customer experience. With a mobile-first focus, our team of designers and developers got to work creating a simple yet stylish user journey that would maximise conversions.

We redesigned the homepage making it section based. This flexible and easy to edit format allows Storksak’s marketing team to drag content and build custom pages based on the brand’s latest campaigns.

What’s more, we stripped back the collection pages by putting the brand’s beautiful product imagery at the forefront of the page. And used zoomed-in/out product variations on product hover states for a truly dynamic and intuitive shopping journey.

When it came to the product pages, we worked tirelessly to find the right conversion formula. The pages needed to display the product beautifully, whilst giving the customer all the information they’d require to make the purchase. Through data-driven research and testing, we eventually found the winning design. This was complemented by integrating the reviews platform, Trustpilot onto every product page to boost engagement, enhance product credibility and further boost conversion rates. 

Working closely with Storksak, many of their online users enjoyed reading their blog content. In fact, the brand’s blogs were driving a significant amount of traffic. So we added a blog section to the main menu to ensure they were easily accessible.

We created a multi-brand experience by adding a Babymel store with Zip & Zoe landing pages, ensuring all of Storksak’s brands were linked in an easily accessible way for customers to explore.

Besides multi-store set-ups, we also implemented SAP Inventory Management across all sites, enabling real-time transparency of stock levels for both the Storksak team and customers, minimising customer service queries and enhancing the brand’s in-house merchandising capabilities.

The Results

Following the launch of the main website in October 2019, the website saw a 140.32% increase in monthly site traffic, delivering an increase of 231,884 sessions vs the previous period, along with a 140% increase in revenue and a 3.98 ROAS across marketing campaigns.

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