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  • Data Migration of over 30,000 SKUs
  • Improved Product Filter and Search Implementation
  • Integration of Bundled Offers and Multiple Discounts
  • UX & UI Design
Case Study Preview

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Lifestyle brand offering casual clothing for men and women.


Where British heritage meets vintage Americana. Tokyo Laundry is known for its Americana inspired laundered products. The brand has significantly grown across America and Europe, offering men and women of all ages the luxury of comfort and style.

The Challenge

Following significant growth, the brand turned to Velstar for help with UX design and development across their existing Shopify Plus store, along with data migration to maximise their usage of available operational capacity, bundled offers and multiple discounts capabilities.

The Solution

Our in-house team redesigned the Tokyo Laundry storefront entirely and streamlined the customer journey towards checkout, ensuring simple and easy-to-use navigation of the site. 

Following the redesign, we then migrated over 30,000 product SKUs and introduced superior features to enhance their pre-existing capabilities. For example, we implemented an improved search and product filter, to allow customers to find the product they were looking for in a few simple clicks. 

Additionally, on the product pages, we integrated a zoom function and extensive colour swatch custom code to give users a deeper, more meaningful product experience. 

What’s more, the quick buy functionality makes the customer shopping experience simpler and quicker. Saving the customer time will no doubt go a long way in reducing cart abandonment and increasing conversions for Tokyo Laundry. And the AJAX Shopping Cart feature introduced to the navigation will maximise ease of use further, allowing customers to add products and edit their shopping cart instantly.

To further drive sales and improve the customer experience, we added a ‘Wishlist’ functionality. This allows customers to save items for later if they don’t want to commit to purchasing from the get-go. And because the wishlists are shareable, it means customers can share their favourite products with their friends and family. This will help raise brand awareness and drive further traffic to Tokyo’s store.

Finally, an essential part of the spec was to increase AVO, whilst building long-lasting and loyal relationships with customers. So we integrated bundle offers and multiple discounts to allow for upselling opportunities. We also added Related Products API to offer customers related recommendations based on products they have already selected. 

The Results

Since launching, the brand has achieved an overall monthly increase in traffic of 17% and has seen a 22.5% increase in organic rankings within Google. Of those organic rankings, there has been a 29% increase in the website placing in the top 1-3 Google search results, and a 15% increase in the website placing in the top 10 Google search results.

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