Email Marketing

Hi {{First Name}},

If you’re here, it’s likely that you already know that {{Company Name}} can benefit from a sales channel that remains among the top sales channels for more than 79% of marketers across B2B and B2C (HubSpot).

It’s cost effective, it builds and nurtures customer relationships and, importantly, dynamic personalisation works far easier in email than it does on these pesky landing pages.

Our experts are at the top of their game and dedicated to ecommerce – meaning we deal with the problems you’re facing every day.

Our email marketing services have contributed to:

70% Increase in YoY revenue from email for Bully Billows.
68% Increase in YoY revenue from email automation for Power Tools Direct.
95% Increase in email subscribers for Supplement Needs.

Partners not providers

It’s our job to help you succeed, and we’ll invest in doing exactly that.

We know that if we do great work, our clients succeed online – and that success leads to those clients trusting us to do more great work. Combined with a commitment to clear and transparent communication (stuff goes wrong sometimes – it’s our job to fix it, not make excuses) our approach has allowed us to become growth partners for many of our clients

What we do and why

Liverpool is a European city, a second home for our Irish cousins, home to the oldest Chinese community in Europe and the USA’s 51st state. Always comfortable with the international, Liverpool has given the world some of its best musicians, actors and writers, it gave us football nets, the hovercraft, overhead rail and much more besides.

Now it’s home to Velstar, a dedicated development agency which began life in 2016, producing outstanding Shopify and Shopify Plus websites. In the years that followed, however, clients often stated that they were struggling to find a marketing partner that truly understood ecommerce.

In order to meet the growing needs of our clients, Velstar instead acquired the outstanding We Influence, a digital marketing agency dedicated to ecommerce excellence. This has allowed the agency to quickly begin partnering in the continued growth of clients, and deliver whatever they need to go big.


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