Innovative Ecommerce Video Trends For 2022


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Despite the overwhelming evidence that video is essential for ecommerce sales, many businesses still focus on written content.

Their biggest worry is that video is expensive or time-consuming. In the world of Shopify Plus, there are a number of video marketing methods that can be applied fast and without breaking the bank.

To help you get started right away, our partners at VideoWise have compiled a list of the best video strategies that you can implement for your ecommerce business. 

Product videos

This is a great way to effectively convey the details of a product, service, or even an entire organisation. 

These are great for giving more detail and dynamic, rich content into the product that can answer the shoppers’ biggest questions and objections. For example, if it’s a fashion brand, a model can wear the clothing to show off what the fit is like. Or if it’s beauty and cosmetics, showing off what the actual application of the product looks like on their skin.

Live streaming videos

Livestream has taken off in China in the last few years and generated approximately $60 billion in 2021. 

37% of online shoppers in China made purchases on live streams, and it’s a trend coming to North America. 

Take advantage and be one of the early adopters of live streaming to carve out a new competitive advantage for your brand.

Creating a brand identity video

This is a video that showcases what your company stands for and believes in. 

Now more than ever, shoppers are conscious of who they buy from and how their products are sourced and created.

Telling your narrative is a great way to keep your name in people’s minds when they hear about you again. This can attract new customers and spread to communities that believe in the same values.

Encouraging testimonial videos

Shoppers always want to know what previous buyers of the product had to think about it. 

What better way to tap into your current customers and ask them to send you a video review for a discount code for a future purchase?

These reviews often give more detail than written reviews because people love to see the product in action, how effective it is, what it looks like being held, etc.

Product education and explainer videos

Have a complicated product or something that is new and innovative that needs a bit of explaining to understand?

Often the best way to educate shoppers is through video, not text, as video is much easier to consume and keep them engaged.

Text content can be too long and you risk losing shoppers in the complicated intricacies of what differentiates your product from the competition, whereas video content can make that comparison much more engaging.

Find user-generated video

YouTube has a plethora of UGC where people review products and services – and these are embeddable onto websites. A lot of them are created by professional content creators, and they do a great job of giving an honest review of your product.

Tap into viral video trends

No one can predict whether a certain piece of content will go viral. What you can do, on the other hand, is capitalise on already-viral trends that are on TikTok. 

Besides generating brand recognition, TikTok videos can be made shoppable so that audiences can be directly linked to your checkout.

Use shoppable videos

Video is a must-have if you want to harness the full potential of engaging your shoppers in 2022. 

And you can easily take it a step forward by making your videos shoppable so that viewers can purchase directly from them. 

It gives that added layer of engagement and the ability to purchase on the spot, thanks to the influence of the video. 

You also are able to keep shoppers on your site instead of them going to YouTube or Instagram to find this content, never to come back. 

And it will help you build a better brand and bring your store into the current (and best) marketing strategies for 2022.

If you want to hear more about how shoppable video content can take your Shopify Plus store to the next level, or you wish to integrate VideoWise, get in touch with Velstar’s team of ecommerce experts today.

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