Last Minute Tips for Black Friday Cyber Monday


Published by Richard David


Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM), one of the largest shopping events of the year, is right around the corner, and now is the time to get ready. With new tech, trends, and shopping behaviours, your users are becoming savvier than ever. With that in mind, it’s time to optimise your Shopify store for BFCM preparation.

Tip #1: Upselling & Bundles

Showcasing upsell opportunities throughout the user journey is a great way to not only boost your average order value (AOV) but to convert your user into a customer — especially if those upsells provide value. The best positioning of these is on the product page and the mini cart, as this is where your users will convert from browsers to buyers. A simple carousel of low-ticket items is great, but to push it further, we would recommend tailoring these to the items in their cart.

Santo Remedio shows a great example of tailored upselling; When a user adds an item to their cart, they’re given an opportunity to add extra items at a discounted price. Not only are these discounts exclusive for those who have an item in their cart, but they’re explicitly tailored to the original item.

Another method of upselling is to offer a bundle of products at a discounted price. For example, if your customer is looking to buy a laptop, why not offer them a bundle which includes accessories? During BFCM, customers are looking for a deal and a bargain – discounted bundles are perfect for this.

Tip #2: Reviews & User-Generated Content (UGC)

Now is the time to ensure your website is bursting with reviews and User-Generated Content (UGC) – think testimonials, Instagram posts, and TikTok-style videos. All of these ensure your product, company, and services are trusted by real users. Not showcasing UGC could be the deciding factor of which a user shops elsewhere; Think about it – are you more likely to shop with a company that has 1,000+ product reviews or zero reviews?

Take Zooki, for example; their product pages are UGC-rich with nearly 2000 product reviews, user-lead video content, and photos! It’s no surprise their products are flying off the shelves.

Tip #3: The Experience

A fast, seamless buying experience is going to be worth its weight in gold during this holiday period. Users don’t have the time to waste on a store that’s slow and clunky – especially not when there’s a high chance they’ve got your competitor open in another tab. Now’s the time to streamline your code, compress your images, and remove any unnecessary bloat that may slow down your page.

If you’re building custom landing pages for this sale event, then make sure you’re only including the content that adds value to your product – now’s the time to streamline.

Tip #4: Digital Marketing

You’re going to want to ensure all systems go ready for BFCM with your digital marketing campaigns. We’re talking social posts, paid ads, landing pages, banners, and email marketing.

First, what’s your message? Are you offering a set discount? Gift with purchase? This needs to be clear and concise, as your users won’t have time to waste with the mass amount of deals coming their way. Then, you’re going to need visual consistency across all mediums to ensure your users are familiar with your brand identity and what you’re offering.

BFCM may be a weekend sale for your customers, but this should be a month-long campaign for your team; Social posts, paid media, and landing pages should all be ready and published before the big sale to entice your customers and capture data! Why not go one step further and showcase a BFCM countdown to entice your users even more?

Wrapping up

We’re confident these quick tips should not only help you prepare for Black Friday Cyber Monday, but give you confidence that you’ll make the most out of it. If you’d like to know more about the services we offer and how we can help you smash your Q4 goals, get in touch with our team of Shopify experts today. 

In the meantime, if you’re looking for more BFCM tips and tricks, make sure you tune into our Holiday Retention Bootcamp webinar series, where we’re teaming up with industry leaders, such as Yotpo, Nosto, Brightpearl, Bloomreach and Gorgias, every Tuesday at 1 pm. See below for more details and how to register:

  • Episode 1: How to Turn BFCM Shoppers into Lifelong Customers Through Personalised Experiences – October 18th, 1 PM (BST) – register here!
  • Episode 2: How to Meet Customer Expectations with a Killer Inventory, Shipping & Returns Strategy – October 25th, 1 PM (BST) – register here!
  • Episode 3: How to Make Festive Shoppers Stick with Email Marketing – November 1st, 1 PM (GMT) – register here!
  • Episode 4: How to Create a Loyalty Program to Retain BFCM Customers – November 8th, 1 PM (GMT) – register here!
  • Episode 5: How to Build Trust with Exceptional Customer Service – November 15th, 1 PM (GMT) – register here!

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