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Femme Luxe required a website that was easier to manage, stock and merchandise. Their previous Magento website was unsecure, difficult to navigate and had a poor checkout process.

The new Shopify Plus website and Velstar’s marketing expertise resulted in:

1304% increase in revenue
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13% decrease in bounce rate
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44% increase in conversion rate
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"Following our move to Shopify Plus we’ve seen unprecedented growth in ROI and revenue. We fundamentally trust Velstar and our new eCommerce platform.

- Bobby Samari, Femme Luxe
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The Latest Trends

Femme Luxe is a Manchester based fashion brand that offers the latest trends in women’s clothing at affordable prices.

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What we did

  • Developed a new website that is easier to stock, convert and manage on the enterprise level Shopify Plus platform
  • Provided a complete multi-channel marketing strategy covering paid search, google shopping, paid social and email.
  • Increased revenue by 1,304%
Femme Luxe Website screenshot on a laptop

Enterprise and Scalable

The scalable Shopify Plus platform enabled Femme Luxe to increase productivity, revenue, sales and ROI. The business has benefitted from the speed and reliability of Shopify’s enterprise level ecommerce platform.

Femme Luxe Website screenshot on a laptop

What happened after the new site went live

The new website and Velstar’s marketing expertise have enabled Femme Luxe to grow larger and faster. The secure and reliable Shopify Plus platform enables the FL team to manage and develop their own website while enabling the customer to convert easier and quicker.

Femme Luxe have now expanded into the US market and are looking to grow into other territories in the very near future.

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