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Marketing Campaign Ideas for a Very Merry Christmas

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With festive decorations popping up everywhere and mince pies hitting supermarket shelves, this can only mean one thing…the Christmas countdown has started.  

The holiday period has always been busy for merchants, but this year it’s predicted to be even busier, against the backdrop of COVID-19.

With more and more consumers being forced to shop online, this presents a fantastic opportunity for retailers to make up for lost sales and propel revenue. In fact, the surge of sales and festive cheer could make it your best yet for attracting new customers and rewarding loyal ones. 

But with so many shoppers flocking to online stores, it also means that competition is fiercer than ever before. To stand out, you’ll need to have a smart marketing strategy that resonates with your customers – otherwise, you’ll blend into the crowd. 

To help, we’ve rounded up the very best marketing campaign ideas that you can incorporate into your holiday strategy, so you can have a tremendous Christmas. 

Reward your customers with early deals

If you haven’t started this already, there’s no better time like the present! 

Everyone likes to be made to feel special, particularly at Christmas. So, spread some holiday cheer early! Your customers are your priority, so tell them. Giving them exclusive discounts is a great way to show them just how much you value their custom. And with 79% of consumers admitting that unlocking exclusive offers makes them more loyal – it can also boost loyalty. What’s more, loyal customers convert more than first-time buyers, which means they’re likely to buy more from you and more often. 

How to reward your loyal customers? Here are a few tips:

Email marketing campaigns: Create a Christmas themed email campaign and send it to existing and loyal customers with a holiday discount they can’t refuse. And don’t forget about that all-important subject line – make it fun, use Christmas themed emojis and embrace the festive spirit.

Social media campaigns: Make sure you promote your VIP discounts on social media and incentivise your customers to share the discount on their own social media – reward customers who want to get involved.

Christmas bundle offers

This holiday season, value will be a big priority for shoppers. After all, everyone likes to get more bang for their buck, particularly amidst a pandemic. This is where bundle offers come in. By offering bundled products at a discounted price you’ll not only increase your sales but also your AOV. 

Here are some tips for creating successful bundles: 

Bundle similar products together: Promote these bundles across your store and marketing channels. Identify your best-sellers: Bundle them with complementary products, this will create an even better deal and ignite your customers’ imagination.

Identify your best-sellers: Bundle them with complementary products, this will create an even better deal and ignite your customers’ imagination.

Sprinkle your bundles with Christmas charm: Give your bundles festive names. You could even give them their own hashtag to get your customers talking about the bundle on social media.

Delight your customers with festive upsells 

Just like bundles, upsells are an excellent way to increase your AOV. But what makes them even greater is that they’re presented to customers who are already at checkout, so these customers are in the buying mindset. 

Also, not only do upsells increase revenue, they also increase customer experience and satisfaction because they’re giving a customer exactly what they need – like a hat to go with a pair of gloves or socks to go with shoes. 

Here are some tips on how to use upselling: 

Relevancy: Make sure upsells are relevant to the individual customer. These can include personalised recommendations based on user information and browsing history, Wish Lists or products that are required to make the initial purchase work properly.

Free gift: Everyone loves a freebie. So, offer your customers free gifts this Christmas, such as free delivery, gift wrapping, etc.

Upsell throughout the customer-journey: Upselling doesn’t have to be at the checkout only. Leverage the power of upselling at every stage of the sales funnel and sprinkle personalised recommendations throughout your website.

Use UGC and customer reviews 

Customer reviews are a great way of convincing your customers to buy with you. Using rave reviews across your owned marketing channels is a surefire way to show potential customers that your products work and people love them. 

With 29 per cent of shoppers claiming they’ll be looking for social media content when it comes to deciding where they make their purchases this Christmas, using user-generated content (UGC) from these social media channels is an effective way to inspire purchasing behaviour. Not only does it increase trust, it also drives sales. Also, it can promote brand awareness and help turn one time buyers into your most loyal fans. 

Here are a few simple ways you can use UGC: 

Create a unique hashtag: Encourage customers to use the unique hashtag and share photos, videos and stores using your products.

Re-share UGC: Keep sprinkling your social media with your customers’ photos to keep the buzz around your brand going.

Utilise UGC throughout the buying-journey: Implement a social shopping page on your store and use UGC in email marketing campaigns and product listing.

Add social proof to Ads: Leverage the power of UGC and reviews into your ads, it’s the ultimate conversion combination.

Partner with influencers and brands 

Remember, people love to buy from people they can relate to, so harness this in your marketing strategy. Identify and partner with well-known industry influencers this holiday season. They can help promote your deals and discounts to their own audiences. 

Also, you should consider collaborating with other brands – just make sure they’re not your competitors! Brand partnerships are a great way to drive more traffic to your site and tap into other audiences. 

Here are a few ways you could do this: 

Create a gift guide: You could list your favourite brands in a gift guide and get those brands to share it on their social media channels. Or you could partner with a well-known influencer and ask them to include your products in their gift recommendations.

Create a special offer: Align your deals with the influencer or brand’s audience to create a discount on a product that’s suited to their audience. The more personalised, the better!

We hope this has inspired you to add some sparkle to your holiday marketing strategy. With these handy ideas, you’ll have the most successful Christmas yet. But remember, its imperative that you take an omnichannel approach, to ensure you’re engaging new customers and nurturing loyal ones that will last long after the Christmas period.

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