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Brij is a no-code platform to build ROI-optimised experiences for QR codes to know your customers & drive repeat sales. These experiences can include one-touch 1st party data capture, product/warranty registration,  reorder, and subscription opt-in with the simple scan of a QR code allowing brands to collect valuable customer data regardless of the channels they sell through.

With Brij’s Shopify app and robust dashboard, brands can create dynamic experiences in minutes and track rich engagement data down to the SKU or even unit level that provides valuable insights for your brand.

Brands can easily add a QR code to a product insert to customise your unboxing experience.

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"We love partnering with agencies who develop strong relationships with their clients and advise on what tech stack they should be using. Given Velstar's focus on UX/UI design and their great relationships with their clients we are excited to partner with their team."

Charlotte Thorndike
Partnerships and Customer Success at Brij