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Fresh Relevance

Fresh Relevance is the versatile personalisation and decision engine that puts marketing, CRM, ecommerce and merchandising teams in the driver’s seat. It enables businesses to design and execute highly effective personalisation campaigns from start to finish – no technical expertise is needed. The platform integrates seamlessly with other industry-leading platforms, joins up data silos and offers powerful solutions to help businesses continually optimise the customer experience. The result: improved conversions, customer value and retention.

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"We choose to partner with Velstar because they are a best of breed Shopify Plus agency who create exceptional websites and digital experiences for the brands they work with. The value for us in partnering with Velstar is not only the peace of mind that our clients will be looked after but also the knowledge that our platform will be complemented with a slick website and user experience for our mutual customers."

James Owen
Partnerships Manager at Fresh Relevance