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LoyaltyLion is a market-leading, data-driven loyalty and engagement platform powering ecommerce growth. They help over 10,000 ecommerce merchants worldwide create long-lasting customer relationships via fully customised loyalty programs. Work with LoyaltyLion to increase customer lifetime value by motivating shoppers to repeat purchase through a unique combination of points, rewards and tiers.

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"As Velstar is one of the best Shopify Plus agencies in the UK, we’re proud to have had an official partnership in place with them for the past few years. We have several mutual merchants together, all growing significantly year on year. Their team is knowledgeable, quick to respond, and of course, fun to work with! By partnering with Velstar we ensure that our clients get the best ecommerce experience and launch successful loyalty programs. I’d highly recommend any brand to work with Velstar’s team!"

Hannah Morris
Partner Manager at LoyalytLion