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Peoplevox, a part of The Descartes Systems Group, is a warehouse management system designed to address the challenges ecommerce warehouses face. It’s built with all the features needed to take you from scale-up to enterprise, ensuring you deliver remarkable customer experience with every order. Powerful workflows eliminate warehouse chaos, increase speed and efficiency across all warehouse functions, give warehouse managers the control they need over their fulfilment, remove capacity for human error and deliver lifetime ROI.

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"Working more closely with Velstar in the past 18 months has been equal parts beneficial and enjoyable. They share our values for supporting exciting, mission-driven brands on their growth journeys, and we both understand totally the value in remarkable customer experience as a key pillar of ecommerce growth. Velstar helps us as a 'back-end' service provider understand some of the nuances of ecommerce 'front-end' trends, and hopefully, we've been able to share some warehouse/fulfilment know-how with them as well."

Zaeem Batavia
Sales Director (EMEA/APAC) at Peoplevox