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PushOwl is a web push marketing app built for ecommerce businesses. Trusted by leading brands like Lange Hair and Culture Kings, PushOwl lets you turn one-time store visitors into repeat customers with highly visible web push notifications.

Using the app, you can collect store visitors as subscribers without requiring their personal details, send promotions about your sale and products, segment subscribers to send personalised messages, recover abandoned carts through automated notifications, and successfully increase customer retention right.

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“We’re excited to partner with the leading Shopify Plus agency, Velstar! The team has a deep understanding of managing multiple marketing channels like email and SMS and will ensure merchants have a holistic approach to marketing by adding instant and cost-effective— web push notifications— to their marketing suite. By partnering with Velstar, we’re confident that our clients will be guaranteed success and they will be able to multiply merchants’ engagement and growth.”

Sachi Dalmia
Partnership Manager at PushOwl