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An often overlooked practice in digital marketing, affiliate marketing is a proven way to increase the incremental sales and revenue of your eCommerce brand.

Regularly providing the highest return on investment of any digital marketing channel, affiliate marketing offers a low-risk, pay-per-performance way to reach new highly-targeted audiences.

Velstar will help you make the right connections, find the right partners, negotiate the right rates and commissions, and make sales in a way that delivers maximum ROI.

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Affiliate strategy

Affiliates matter. But the right affiliates matter even more.

Different affiliates play different roles in the customer journey – some adding more value than others.

A well-developed affiliate marketing campaign provides a balance, and rewards partners relative to the value they provide to your brand.

The affiliate marketing customer journey

What are the steps that customers take towards a purchase? And, what are the types of affiliate that sit alongside each step? Let’s take a look.

1. Awareness

Content affiliates, including influencers and editorial sites, sit at the top end of the affiliate sales funnel. These affiliates typically receive a higher commission by default, as they introduce new customers to your brand.

2. Interest

When consumers are expressing a solid interest in your product and are starting to ‘shop around’, they’ll typically turn to product aggregators and price/comparison sites (CSS). This type of affiliate will normally receive a medium commission, with the option to boost the exposure of your brand.

3. Conversion

When consumers have decided which product they want, and they’re ready to buy, where do they turn? To voucher code, cash back, and deal sites. This type of ‘conversion’ affiliate will receive a low commission, with options for tenancy deals and mailer inclusions to give your brand a boost.

Affiliate types

Not all affiliates are created equal. Depending on which part of the customer journey you want to target, you’ll want to work more or fewer of certain types of affiliates.

1. Discount & cashback

We take a tactical approach to bottom of funnel affiliates – retaining control in the discounting space, whilst avoiding paying more than you need to for the privilege. In short, we get you more exposure at a lower cost.

2. Product aggregators

The types of affiliates we’ll work with will depend on your brand/products. We will recruit partners that’ll make the most of your brand and ensure you are getting exposure on only the most relevant aggregator sites.

3. Content affiliates

From major national newspapers to niche, industry-specific bloggers, we look for the optimal mix of content affiliates for your brand/products. We can run partnerships with individual content creators or work with large networks of publishers. Ultimately, we’ll drive awareness of your brand in the most cost-effective way.

Affiliate marketing services

Velstar’s team of online affiliate marketing specialists uses only the most notable and effective affiliate networks and platforms to drive relevant users to your website.

We operate a proactive and tailored approach to your affiliate strategy, reacting quickly to opportunities that’ll drive more sales and result in a more profitable return on your investment.

Choose an affiliate marketing agency that gets real, tangible results – choose Velstar.

1. Management

Managing multiple affiliates can be a complex task. But Velstar’s affiliate marketers have the experience and expertise to manage your affiliate partners in the most profitable way for you and your brand.

2. Recruitment

Recruiting the best mix of affiliates is essential to the ultimate success of an affiliate marketing campaign.

Velstar’s affiliate marketers are adept at recruiting those affiliates that are highly relevant to your industry, able to deliver the best possible results. We continually monitor this mix of affiliates, recruiting and dropping partners when and where necessary, maintaining the best ROI for your budget.

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