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Digital Strategy

eCommerce marketing strategy

Develop an intelligently-crafted, well-researched strategy and your eCommerce brand will overtake your peers.

Grounded in a solid strategy, your digital marketing efforts will flourish, allowing your brand to reach large audiences – elevating your growth.

Velstar’s eCommerce marketing experts have years of commercial experience in a range of different sectors and a solid understanding of the latest digital trends. Our strategy consultancy service will give your eCommerce business the competitive edge it needs to stand out in a growing and busy online marketplace.

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Research and discovery

We’ll immerse ourselves in your eCommerce business to fully understand your goals and objectives and determine your target areas for growth.

eCommerce marketing audit

Our experts will take a deep dive into your analytics to pinpoint the opportunities where significant improvements can be made to boost your overall performance.

Competitor analysis

We’ll investigate what your competitors are up to, identify where they’re succeeding, and provide you with a game plan to stay one step ahead.

Buyer personas

Do you really know who is buying your products? Do you know how to reach these people online?

We’ll help you reach and engage your target audience by developing buyer personas and a targeted content marketing strategy.

Choosing the right channels

Not every digital marketing channel will necessarily be a good fit for your brand.

We’ll select only the most relevant and effective channels for your eCommerce business. Whether it’s PPC, paid social, SEO, content, or affiliate marketing – or a multichannel approach – we’ll help you achieve success in a way that makes best use of your budget.

Delivering a roadmap

We’ll create an exciting and strategic roadmap to achieve your short and long-term goals, designed to accelerate your sales and take you to new levels of success.

Velstar: your strategic partner for success

Speak to Velstar about developing a strategy that’ll point your brand in the direction of growth and success.