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Facebook Ads

Targeted ads that cut through the noise and deliver results

If your target customers are on Facebook, then your brand needs to be there too.

But it’s a competitive advertising space.

Velstar’s team of Facebook marketing experts are adept at creating well-targeted, creatively-designed ad campaigns that deliver excellent ROI.

As a Meta Business Partner, our experts have access to the industry insights and developments that give your campaigns a competitive edge over competing brands.

So, whether it’s Shopify Facebook advertising or support for another site, Velstar’s got your back.

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Facebook image ads

Facebook image ads are a bold, visual way of grabbing the attention of your target customers. These ads also include accompanying copy and a call to action.
Velstar’s Facebook Ad experts are able to optimise this ad format to grab attention and get results.

Facebook video ads

On Facebook, videos get – and hold – attention. More than 1.25 billion people consume videos on Facebook each month, so speak to Velstar about harnessing this video format for your brand.

Facebook carousel ads

Allowing you to include up to 10 images or videos in an easy-to-swipe format, Facebook carousel ads are the perfect way to showcase your products.

Velstar’s Facebook experts can hone your carousel campaigns, ordering images and writing ad copy that drives the maximum number of conversions.

Facebook collection ads

An eCommerce-focused ad format, collection ads use a main featured image or video, accompanied by two smaller images underneath. They’re the perfect way of cross-selling and driving increased purchases and related purchases.

Facebook dynamic ads

Connecting your eCommerce store’s product range with your Facebook events manager and Facebook pixel, dynamic ads are an incredibly targeted and personalised ad format./span>

When someone visits your website and views a product – they’ll be presented with an ad featuring that product the next time they log in to Facebook.

Velstar’s paid social team are experts at leveraging this ad format to gain repeat custom for eCommerce brands big and small.

Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook Messenger is almost an entire platform in its own right. A personal space where people can chat, Facebook Messenger ads can be an incredibly effective way of generating sales.

Velstar: your Facebook Ads partner

Velstar’s Facebook team is always exploring creative new ways to reach potential customers on this platform – and, thanks to our Meta Business Partner status – we’re always the first to know about new ad formats.

Harness our Facebook Ads expertise and knowledge to take your eCommerce sales to the next level.