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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Commercially-savvy campaigns that get you more customers for your money

PPC and paid search campaigns are the most effective and quickest channels for driving traffic to your eCommerce website and generating sales.

Velstar uses a data-driven approach to create campaigns that deliver maximum ROI on your budget.

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Because paid search is constantly changing and becoming more competitive, we’re always looking for opportunities to improve and optimise your PPC for maximum results.

We also understand that PPC and paid search campaigns work best when they form part of a cohesive, joined-up strategy – so our campaigns also take other channels such as SEO into account, to deliver the most value.

Paid search audit

Are your existing PPC campaigns performing as well as they could be? Velstar’s paid search audits will give you the answer, identifying areas where your campaigns can be improved to deliver better ROI.

Google Search Ads

We have a proven track record of managing complex paid search campaigns through Google Ads. Our campaigns are proven to reach more potential customers and drive additional revenue.

Google Display Ads

The Google Display Network targets consumers with a specific interest, allowing you to expand your reach and get your brand in front of millions of potential customers across multiple platforms. Velstar’s paid search team are experts at identifying opportunities to drive revenue through display campaigns.

Google Performance Max

Google Performance Max is a goal-based form of advertising that combines multiple Google Ads formats into one – combining Search, Display, Video, Shopping and more. Velstar’s paid search team has created P Max campaigns that have delivered huge ROAS for eCommerce brands like yours.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping campaigns generate 26% higher conversion rates than traditional text-based ads. If you’re an eCommerce brand looking to boost your sales, then tap into Velstar’s extensive Google Shopping experience now.

YouTube Ads

With 1.7 billion unique monthly visitors, YouTube is one of the best places in the world to promote your eCommerce brand. Velstar’s YouTube expertise allows you to get your brand seen by the right people, at the right time, at the right cost.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft’s Ad network is bigger than you think! Placing ads via Bing and the Microsoft Partner Network is a great way to reach more users interested in your products. Campaigns available include Search and Shopping Ads.

Retargeting campaigns

Don’t let website visitors get away! Retargeting campaigns allow you to expose your brand to people who have previously visited your website. Think of it as a friendly reminder. We use retargeting to maximise the value of traffic that leaves your site without converting, by retargeting them with tailored ads.

The ultimate guide to eCommerce PPC

If you’ve not read Velstar’s guide to eCommerce PPC, then you’re missing out on some industry-leading insights. Download it for free now!

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