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We create pay-per-click campaigns that drive traffic and elevate brands to new heights.

What PPC services do we offer?

After building a business online there’s nothing worse than seeing low traffic numbers. The key to ecommerce success is being seen and being heard! If your customers cannot find your website, your business won’t scale.

We handle the complicated data so you can focus on converting those leads into long-term customers.

Detailed PPC Strategy

You will be assigned a PPC manager who will design a detailed strategy shaped around your business goals. The PPC Shopify strategy will focus on ads across Google Search, Google Display and Google Shopping.

Google Search ads

These kinds of ads appear at the top search engines and are great for optimising search terms and maximising clicks. 

Google Display Ads

These kinds of ads span over Google’s network, which includes websites that your target audience are visiting on a regular basis.

Google Shopping Ads

Showcasing high-quality images of your products on product listings, these ads are great for click-through too – similar to search ads they display your products at the top of search engine listings. We will help you manage and update your Google Merchant account, to ensure your most relevant products are being showcased to the right people at the right time.

Campaign Creation & Optimisation

We’ll then focus on identifying the most profitable keywords following a thorough PPC keyword research analysis. What’s more, we’ll curate PPC ad copy and optimise your PPC campaigns to guarantee results.

Monthly Progress Reports

Ensuring that no stone is left unturned, our Shopify PPC experts will monitor ad progress and report back to you on a monthly basis.

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