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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Get seen, get more traffic, and grow with SEO

Millions of people search for the products and services that you sell every day. If you’re not appearing at the top of their search results, you’re not going to get their custom.

Velstar’s SEO experts will help you to achieve the rankings, visibility, and organic traffic your brand deserves. This is achieved through a carefully-curated mix of keyword optimisation, technical SEO, link-building and site speed improvements.

See how our SEO experts have delivered for other eCommerce brands in our success stories.

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On and off page

To climb up the ranks, you need to be firing on and off page. On page we’ll optimise your current content, create new content aligned with your brand strategy and off page we’ll build your authority through digital PR and link-building.

Technical SEO

SEO for Shopify or any other platform needs strong foundations. We’ll audit and analyse your site, looking at details like site speed, log file analysis, URL errors and hierarchies and recommend a technical strategy that will get you leaping up the ranks.

On and off page

To achieve maximum search engine visibility, your website needs to be perfect both on page and off page.

For on page (that is, content that sits on your website), we’ll make sure that your category and service pages are populated with rich, optimised copy. We’ll also ensure you’re publishing in-depth, expert content that’ll rocket up the rankings.

For off page (that is, how your website appears elsewhere on the web), we’ll create meta descriptions that’ll drive clicks, and build links that’ll boost your website’s authority and referral traffic.


Technical SEO

If your website isn’t running in-line with search engine best practices, it’s not going to rank as well as it could do.

That’s where Velstar’s technical SEO service comes in. Our jargon-free tech SEO service will provide you with the insights that’ll get your website running in an SEO-friendly way.

Site speed

Today’s consumers won’t wait for pages to load. If your website doesn’t load quickly, you’ll lose visitors to websites that do. Site speed matters.

Velstar’s SEO team are experts at identifying site speed loading issues and recommending fixes that’ll deliver results fast.

Site architecture

Your website’s architecture is important from both an SEO and user experience perspective.

Velstar’s SEO experts will optimise your website’s architecture using in-depth keyword research and UX best practices to ensure your website ranks well, makes sense to users and converts visitors into customers.

Local SEO

Does your website appear for location-based searches? If not, you’ll be missing out against websites that do.

Content, on-page optimisations, Google Business Profile optimisations and more are all part of the local SEO service Velstar offers that’ll get your website to the top of local searches.

Site migration

Are you moving your website to a new platform like Shopify? Then Velstar’s site migration support is an absolute must.

Fail to migrate your website properly, and you can lose years of optimisations and rankings – tanking your organic traffic and sales.

Velstar’s site migration service is designed to make your website migration as hassle-free as possible, minimising the impact on your rankings, traffic, and conversion rates.

Mobile optimisation

Upwards of 70% of visits to eCommerce stores are via mobile. Velstar’s mobile optimisation service will optimise your site, so it functions perfectly on mobile devices of all types – improving the user experience, resulting in higher conversions.

Competitor analysis

Top rankings on Google and other search engines can be worth millions of pounds in organic revenue. So, it’s no surprise they’re fiercely fought over.

Velstar’s SEO team are experts at analysing what your competitors are up to, and devising SEO strategies that’ll help you leapfrog your competitors.

Penalty recovery

Should you find that your website has been penalised by Google or another search engine, Velstar’s SEO team is here to help.

We have devised and executed strategies that have helped eCommerce brands recover from a variety of penalties, rebuilding traffic, rankings, and sales.

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