It’s easier than ever to start an ecommerce business, but it’s more difficult than ever to scale one. As customers increasingly turn to online retailers for the things that they need, effective ecommerce operators know that innovative products aren’t enough – they also innovate on experience. Here are 7 brands that will inspire you to innovate on your own store’s customer experience: 


1) Bruvy, SMS Coaching

Even though SMS is a hot topic in ecommerce nowadays, it’s important to note that it is not the “new email”. That’s a feature, not a bug. The brands that use SMS to spam post-purchase upsells, sale notifications, and product drops are missing an opportunity to connect with their customers on an extremely personal medium. Check out how Bruvy, a men’s skincare brand, uses SMS to offer deeply personalised value to their buyers with their cleverly named “Guydance” coaching program.



2) Personalised Co, Product Recommendations

There are countless product categories that we thought would never translate to ecommerce because they’re inherently difficult to conduct online – mattresses, food, or furniture, to name a few. Personalised Co, a supplement brand in the UK, does an incredible job of bringing the in-person retail experience online by using quizzes to figure out the customers’ unique needs. Check out their “Vitamin Quiz” to see this in action: 



3) Condor, Product Customizer 

Bicycles are difficult enough to purchase in-store while leaning on employee guidance – Condor Cycles takes this to the next level and allows you to customise your bicycle entirely online. The site does a fantastic job of walking the customer through all the various steps of a custom bike, as well as describing the implications of each option. It almost feels like you’re creating a character in a video game. 



4) Rebecca Minkoff, Referral Program

Legendary brands like Rebecca Minkoff know that your happiest customers are also your most effective salespeople. Check out their referral program: 



5) Seek Discomfort, Offer Expansion

In order to build a true lifestyle brand, teams need to grow their offer beyond physical products. Seek Discomfort, the apparel arm of the YouTube influencers “Yes Theory”, has done a fantastic job of offering their customers unique offers in the form of online classes. Their ideal customer is someone who loves to try new things, and these classes are a natural evolution of their adventure-seeking apparel.




6) Bug-A-Salt, Add-Ons At Checkout 

Bug-A-Salt’s fly hunter is enough to turn a full-grown man into a teenager all over again. As a relatively impulsive purchase, the site does a great job of offering product add-ons to maximize cart size right before checkout – when the buyers’ emotions are at a high. 



7) Baron Fig, Free Shipping Upsell

Baron Fig’s business model relies on repeat, low order value purchases. In order to maximize their order value for each checkout, they’ve implemented a sleek loading bar that shows you getting closer and closer to unlocking free shipping using their easy one-click upsells and all of it happens directly in the pop-out cart.