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23 Stand Out Websites for 2023

If you’re looking for website inspiration, look no further. We’ve scoured the web for 23* of the most interesting, standout website designs that are sure to impress. Covering all industries from healthcare to fashion. Plus, every single one featured are on Shopify! 

01. Zooki

Bursting with personality, subtle animations, brand awareness, and our desire to want them all, it’s no surprise Zooki made it to our list. Designed and built by our expert-lead team here at Velstar, Zooki has become a pioneer in the health industry. If you’re looking for pastel-infused inspiration, definitely check them out. 

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Their ultra-smooth purchase flow custom built by Velstar.




02. The Nue Co

Bridging the gap between science and natural innovation, The Nue Co are next on our list. The relationship between science and innovation halos their design; showcasing clean lines, textural imagery, and minimalistic iconography.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Bespoke consultations powered by Octane AI.


The Nue Co


03. Dunsen Dunsen

Dunsen Dunsen features a hybrid of minimalist structures with maximalists design that is bursting with personality. Plus, the dancing hover effects are that extra cherry on top.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Playful, subtle micro-animations.


Dunsen Dunsen


04. Our Place

Food lovers, this one’s for you. Our Place combines the aesthetics of the retro-hued 70’s with millennial pastels that would ensure a perfect fit on your Valencia-tinted Instagram feed. Their branding has a consistent throughline from products to typography choices allowing users to fully immerse themselves in the world of Our Place.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Their pairing of typefaces ‘Cheltenham Light’ and ‘Plaid’.


Our Place


05. French Connection

If you’re looking for clean, editorial inspiration, don’t sleep on French Connection. Velstar developed a custom design and build for the British high-street brand, and even 18 months post-launch, we still can’t stop drooling. Their minimal aesthetic works across both their fashion and home categories, allowing product imagery to take centre stage.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Their editorial collection page that breaks the grid.


French Connection


06. Vacation

The trend of nostalgia in design is something we will see more of in 2023, and sunscreen pioneers, Vacation, get it right with their web design. While they are paying homage to 80’s advertising campaigns, their design will send millennials into a frenzy.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: All. Of. It.




07. Aether

High fashion meets futuristic tech with Aether, and their website follows that perfectly. Complimenting a clean brand identity with a smooth experience will send tech lovers wild.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Virtual try on tool.




08. Holden

Pairing sans-serif typography with touches of sans allows Holden’s website to blend minimalism with class. Their clean identity remains true from first load, right through to checkout.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Clean branding and editorial structure.




09. Sarah Layton

With a custom design and build, Velstar developed bespoke Iconography and Art Directed campaigns for award-winning jewellery boutique Sarah Layton. Their new website effectively showcases their premium pieces whilst driving conversion.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: All. Of. It.


Sarah Layton


10. Mthk

Taking inspiration from Snellen Charts, Mthk combines a clean colour palette and simplistic typography that will surely be a sight for sore eyes.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: One-click purchase on product cards.




11. Notorious Nooch

Notorious Nooch is next on our list with their maximalist’s dream website design. Bold colours? Check. Daring typography? Check. Dancing characters? Check. Sleek experience? Check.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Horizontal scroll full-screen product carousel.


Notorious Nooch


12. Off Limits

Off Limits will make you feel like you’re sitting in front of the TV in your undies, with a spoonful of cereal in one hand and PS1 joystick in the other when browsing through their website. Which makes sense, seeing as they’re selling cereal.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Their 90’s inspired cursor.


Off Limits


13. Rootless

Rootless took the alternative route to showcase their supplements, forgoing a black-and-white science-led colour palette in favour of muted-pastels tones, making their product even more alluring.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Elevated art direction and sleek brand identity.




14. Ujjo

Ujjo brings spice to its web design that we’ve not seen anywhere else, combining a bold brand identity with an even bolder user experience. Ujjo stands out from the crowd.

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: Super-simple, easy-to-navigate flow.




15. Heat

Luxury mystery box pioneers, Heat combine high-fashion stylings with UX best practices to lure their customers in, pairing minimalistic structures with forward-thinking details. Fashion lovers, this one's for you.

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: Ultra-modern interface design.




16. Wineism

If you’re looking for a website that just oozes drama, sophistication, and vibrancy, Wineism is one to check out. Their wine-soaked aesthetic is one we’ve not seen before, and we’re impressed!

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Ultra-modern interface design.




17. Nightwork Studio

Nightworks Studio’s distinctive aesthetic applies to every detail in its website design. Their easy-to-navigate editorial structure pairs well with the mood-lid identity.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Ultra-smooth scrolling.


Nightwork Studio


18. Becuming

A pulsing hand-drawn sex toys on a website? We never thought we’d see the day… But Becuming showcases them so… Tastefully? Not sure we have much more to say… Check them out for yourself.

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: Hand-drawn illustrations.




19. Fallen Grape

We love websites that follow a one-page structure, and Fallen Grape does it so well! A method that is so effective for conversion if you have only a small range of SKUs. Plus, their sunset-soaked aesthetic is very pleasing.

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: One-page structure


Fallen Grape


20. The Pizza Cupcake

Animation and micro-interactions bring The Pizza Cupcake’s website to full bake. Their bold branding, gooey pizza graphics, and slick experience is making us hungry!

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: Subtle micro-interactions.


The Pizza Cupcake


21. Wooden Spoon Herbs

Wooden Spoon Herbs is another maximalist's dream with their bold, oversized typography, hand-drawn botanical illustrations, and a product page bursting with information.

Platform: Shopify.
Favourite Feature: Quiz powdered by Octane AI.


Wooden Spoon Herbs


22. Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty provides high-performance makeup at a low price point. But don’t think that the low-price point is shown in their aesthetic. Their editorial design is reminiscent of a high-fashion magazine, and tying that together with their message of empowerment, their website is a smash across all boards.

Platform: Shopify
Favourite Feature: Community gallery that showcases their products on all skin tones, and all genders.


Rare Beauty


23. Yours?

Want to see yourself on design inspiration websites and blogs? Get in touch with Velstar, who can design, build, and scale direct-to-consumer brands through smart, end-to-end commerce solutions that fuel persistent growth.