Audits & Analysis

We provide valuable advice and excel at collaborating with in-house and third-party developers to implement recommendations in a cost-effective manner. However, given the right access, our team also has the programming chops to make any changes needed.


What are SEO audits?

In this context, SEO refers to the underlying code, infrastructure, performance and content of a site while ‘audit’ is an examination in order to find problems, errors and inconsistencies.

Our audits leave no stone unturned, addressing a site's DOM intricacies, speed enhancements, meta-data precision, and other technical and creative facets, to deliver the kind of insights that will directly impact your search performance.

What do our technical audits do for your business?

Our technical audits, whether or not we implement the suggestions, can get you on the right track and provide a roadmap to improve your visibility. By making sure we stay on the cutting edge (despite the obvious discomfort, it’s quite sharp that edge), we make sure our audits offer up-to-date advice. In addition, our platform expertise makes sure that the peculiarities of Shopify are overcome and you’re able to compete with brands of any size on any platform.

Our SEO audit services

Our SEO maestros meticulously examine your site's technical bedrock, on-page intricacies, and off-page essentials throughout the auditing process. This evaluation serves as a compass, guiding the success of planned organic search activities. Access to your website or Google account empowers us to implement changes; alternatively, we furnish detailed reports for your team to champion.

In a digital era dominated by mobile devices since 2016, it's not just about compatibility but seamless functionality across all devices. Considering Google's 'Mobilegeddon' and the mobile-first indexing shift, we conduct all audits with a 'mobile-first' ethos to align with Google's viewing lens.

Our audit and analysis aficionados

With years of experience and a commitment to continuous learning, our expert team uses cutting-edge tools to conduct a forensic analysis of your site, and help every aspect of your site to meet the highest standards.

Kerry Mullin Head of SEO and Content
Jake Pittman Technical SEO Manager
Daniel Bee Technical SEO Lead

SEO Services

Technical SEO

At Velstar, we know that, while technical SEO isn't the only factor influencing search visibility, it's the bedrock of any successful SEO strategy.

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Local SEO

Going global starts locally, and our SEO experts help brands reach their goals by engaging customers wherever they are. Let’s make things happen!

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Keyword Research

Understanding how and why people search can be as important as a great product or service. Our keyword research reveals where you need to be.

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SEO Consultancy

There are benefits and pitfalls of both the agency and inhouse model once a brand reaches the level where they can afford to run a department. But there is a way you can get the best of both worlds!

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Manual Penalty Removal

While specific algorithmic penalties are much rarer than they were a decade ago, manual actions can and are regularly placed on websites that breach webmaster quality guidelines – but they can be removed!

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Log File Analysis

Experience the joy of true SEO mastery with Velstar's Log File Analysis service - employing a technique often overlooked by modern SEOs to unveil crucial insights hidden from the uninitiated.

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Website Migration SEO

SEO is not something you do to a website following migration, it needs to be baked into the migration process itself. To avoid visibility drops, maintain brand trust and make sure you offer the best user experience post launch.

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Structured data is about more than just describing what’s on a page, it’s about connecting you to the bigger puzzle that is your vertical. We go beyond the basics to deliver structured data that will prepare you for the AI future.

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International SEO

More than just an hreflang tag, international SEO is about helping your site crack the SERPs of each additional territory, through knowledge of the market, translation, and the many aspects of search that can change from country to country.

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