Your brand is an extension of your customer’s identity, allowing them to express their personality through a purchase.

What is a lifestyle brand?

A lifestyle brand embodies some or all of the values, aspirations and attitudes of their customer. They build a trusted, emotional connection and become a product they can’t wait to buy, and that they'll share the news with friends and family when they do.

Becoming a lifestyle brand is about becoming an inseparable part of your customer’s identity. The goal? To build a devoted community of happy, loyal customers who eagerly buy from and represent your brand on and offline.

Everything about a lifestyle brand, from its visual identity to its copy, messaging, storytelling, imagery, beliefs and values,should celebrate the lifestyle it serves.

The why

To build a community of engaged people who will naturally become repeat, loyal customers, who are happy to spread the word.

The how

By building trust, embodying their values and interests through messaging, imagery and storytelling.

What is a lifestyle brand?

There are as many potential lifestyle niches as there are people, but if you’re looking into this from a business perspective, you’ve hopefully decided your product appeals to a larger audience than one.

But there are always questions about what makes for a lifestyle - is it reserved for sporting goods, sustainable products, or health foods?


Spoiler alert! The answer is no.

A lifestyle brand doesn’t need to represent such a huge part of the life of their customer (though many do), they simply need to cater for a part of their customer’s life or represent a core belief or passion. Lifestyle brands simply allow their customers to express their personality through a purchase.


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