Backend App Development

While front end development deals with the user interface of your app, and what your users will see, backend developers deal with how your app interfaces with everything else, and what your users will be able to do.


What is backend app development?

Backend app development is about the parts of your app that the users don’t see - APIs, logic, servers, architecture and more, all the things you need to make sure your app is able to do what you need it to smoothly and efficiently. 

What can backend app development do for your business?

Backend app development is a core part of every app development - it’s about delivering the basics of the app’s functionality, but it’s also about augmenting your app through connecting it to external services. Shopify is an incredibly powerful commerce platform, but backend app development can help to make it the perfect platform for your brand.

Our backend app development services

Working in collaboration with our front end developers and solutions engineers, our backend app developers contribute to the auditing of your site’s current performance and capabilities; they then work with your internal stakeholders to determine what you need from your project before beginning to design and propose solutions to meet your needs.

Our backend app development artisans

Our backend app development team have decades of combined experience creating custom solutions for some of the biggest commerce brands in the UK, Europe and beyond. With a passion for BED and commitment to learning, they can make sure that Shopify is the ideal platform for your brand.

Vince Hollywood Head of Engineering
Barry Goffett Head of Development
Richard Parnaby-King Back End Developer
Matt Bevan Senior Front End Developer
Josh Oakes Front End Developer
Steven Henderson Front End Developer
Matty Johnson Front End Developer
Jamie Baker Front End Developer
Michael Gainford Front End Developer
Liam McKenna Senior Front End Developer
Nathan Hogan Project Executive

Our backend development services

Although they have flat out refused to wear the ankle length leather jackets and tiny sunglasses we bought them, our backend developers are the exact kind of coding wizards you want working on your project. 

Data Migration

Data is at the heart of the modern commerce brand - it’s what helps drive decisions, it’s what builds budgets, it’s where your customers live. But it’s also important to your customers - it’s their history with your brand. We make sure to mark your moving boxes well, clean up and get it all to your new home in perfect condition.

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Backend Integrations and Middleware

No website is an island, as sixteenth century metaphysical poet John Donne once said, they need to work in harmony, sharing data safely with external partners, to deliver the best experience for your customers and the most streamlined processes for your brand. Backend integrations and middleware are how we make that happen

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Solutions Engineering

Our solutions engineers know our capabilities inside and out, and act as a bridge between those capabilities and solving the technical problems your brand is facing. With your brand’s needs always in mind, our experts will then begin to explore ways to tackle those challenges and provide creative solutions for overcoming them.

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Your partners in backend app development

Need your site to do something new in order to keep growing? Our experts help to make sure you’re getting the most out of the Shopify platform. Let’s take this journey together.