Technical SEO

With a wealth of developer and SEO talent in-house, we make sure your site's visibility is primed for growth (no matter what Google updates come our way)!

At Velstar, we know that, while technical SEO isn't the only factor influencing search visibility, it's the bedrock of any successful SEO strategy.


What is Technical SEO?

Also known as technical on-page SEO, or technical on-page optimisation, tech SEO plays a crucial role in any SEO strategy.

It delves into the nitty-gritty of site and page performance, focusing on structured data (schema), underlying code, load times, navigation, and a host of other on-page factors.

By making sure your site is readable and comprehensible to algorithms and bots, his foundational aspect of SEO helps to ready your site to achieve your search and digital marketing goals.

Our Technical SEO Service

Choose Velstar for your technical SEO, and our comprehensive suite of audits uncovers any technical impediments to allow our experts to swiftly take action, implementing changes or collaborating with a designated third party to ensure your site reaches its maximum potential.

Our meticulous audits review your site point by point, identifying on-page elements requiring optimisation. We analyse your website's backlink profile, content, meta tags, descriptions, canonical and hreflang tags, and all other on-page elements. This scrutiny is conducted from both a user and search engine perspective, making sure your site is performing its best for both.

What can technical SEO do for your business?

Prepare for the ultimate digital marketing game-changer! Technical SEO offers excellent ROI potential, addressing impactful, elusive technical issues.

Technical SEO not only makes your site discoverable but also user-friendly and high-performing.

Embrace the magic of technical SEO as it helps you achieve:

  • Improved website visibility
  • Increased traffic volume
  • Higher conversion rates
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction with your website
  • And much more!

SEO Services

Audits & Analysis

Sometimes knowing what’s wrong is half the battle. Our experts audit and analyse your site so you can solve outstanding problems and get to growing.

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Local SEO

Going global starts locally, and our SEO experts help brands reach their goals by engaging customers wherever they are. Let’s make things happen!

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Keyword Research

Understanding how and why people search can be as important as a great product or service. Our keyword research reveals where you need to be.

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SEO Consultancy

There are benefits and pitfalls of both the agency and inhouse model once a brand reaches the level where they can afford to run a department. But there is a way you can get the best of both worlds!

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Manual Penalty Removal

While specific algorithmic penalties are much rarer than they were a decade ago, manual actions can and are regularly placed on websites that breach webmaster quality guidelines – but they can be removed!

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Log File Analysis

Experience the joy of true SEO mastery with Velstar's Log File Analysis service - employing a technique often overlooked by modern SEOs to unveil crucial insights hidden from the uninitiated.

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Website Migration SEO

SEO is not something you do to a website following migration, it needs to be baked into the migration process itself. To avoid visibility drops, maintain brand trust and make sure you offer the best user experience post launch.

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Structured data is about more than just describing what’s on a page, it’s about connecting you to the bigger puzzle that is your vertical. We go beyond the basics to deliver structured data that will prepare you for the AI future.

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International SEO

More than just an hreflang tag, international SEO is about helping your site crack the SERPs of each additional territory, through knowledge of the market, translation, and the many aspects of search that can change from country to country.

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Our tech SEO titans

Behold our team of specialists! These tech SEO wizards are masters of the semantic web, optimising sites for brands of all sizes. From crawling through to indexing and rendering, they spot errors and issues with precision, ensuring your site reaches its true potential in search results.

Kerry Mullin Director of Organic Search
Jake Pittman Technical SEO Manager
Daniel Bee Technical SEO Lead

Your partners in technical SEO

Let's embark on this journey together! Drop us a line today, and let's make technical SEO work wonders for your brand.