UX & UI Design

As a dedicated Shopify agency, our team has developed a wealth of experience creating user experiences and user interfaces that are able to wow the user and hold their hand all the way to the checkout.


What are UX & UI Design?

User experience and user interface design are the things that make a site quintessentially yours and keep your customers coming back. It’s incredibly important - and becoming more so as trust and authenticity grow as drivers of purchase intent - that your site sends the right messages and feels right at every touchpoint.

Our UX and UI design service

Our team begins by auditing your site to establish baselines for the look, feel and performance of your site, bringing a refined eye to the process. Once we have these baselines, and in consultation with your brand, they will then look to reach a concrete idea of the look, feel and experience you want your customers to enjoy when visiting your site.

We can then either produce a document with written suggestions for how the look and function of your site can be improved, or we can begin to produce designs which can then, through further consultation, be perfected to meet your need before being deployed by our designers and developers to give your site the wow factor from first to last click.

What can UX and UI design do for your business?

Properly implemented, good UX and UI design helps to produce a cohesive look and feel for your brand online which not only better reflects the quality of your products, but can also serve to, boost the authority and trustworthiness of your site, make for happy customers and, as a result, bring in improvements in revenue from returning customers.

Our UX and UI design unstoppables

With decades of combined experience and an eye for detail, our designers have implemented bespoke UX and UI solutions for brands big and small in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Chris Arrowsmith Head of Design
Lee Turner Senior Designer

Our Design services

Despite a near criminal lack of twirly moustaches, berets and easels, our designers have a proven track record of excellence and unmatched Shopify expertise.

Art Direction

When a brand’s ready to take its next big steps, it’s often a good time to start creating a cohesive design strategy to join together and refine a look and feel which has likely developed organically over time. That’s where art direction comes in - helping you to craft a creative strategy that shapes perception and lays a foundation for the future.Harness the artistic skills and experience of our designers to craft a creative strategy that shapes perception and lays a foundation for the future.

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Visual Branding

Visual branding tells the story of your brand at a glance, it’s the shape of the coca cola bottle, it’s the Nike swoosh, it’s the Burberry plaid, the distinctive animation style of Headspace. Your visual identity should allow your customers to pick you out of a line-up without a second thought, demonstrating the same kind of care and attention to detail you put into your products.

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Like most things in design, there are as many types of illustration as there are illustrators, but what they share in common is that they harness the creative flair of the illustrator to help convey an idea or message that, sometimes, words just can’t do alone.

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Graphic Design

Applied art is the description commonly given to graphic design, and it’s as good as any - it’s about using the many skills of a designer and many aspects of design to craft a targeted, visual communication of a message to a specified audience.

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Design & UX Consultancy

Design and UX consultancy allows your brand to take advantage of our expert team to upskill and provide direction for inhouse designers or teams. Sometimes you don’t need us to do everything, but just to empower you to do it instead - and we’re always happy to help.

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Design Success Stories

We've had the privilege of working on the rebrand of extraordinary brands, enhancing experience, resolving and future-proofing their design.

Your partners in UX and UI design

Ready to give your brand the look and feel it deserves and to delight your customers at every step? Let’s take the journey together.