List Building & Audiences

Brands are often provided with more data than they realise. Through customer interaction with your presence on many platforms, from your email marketing, from past purchases and even sign-ups without conversions. This can all help you to create better ads that, in turn, help to power brand growth.


What is list building and audiences?

List building and audiences is the process of using the data available to your business to develop lists and lookalike audiences for your marketing campaigns. By combining data from social media, email, purchases and more, you can develop lists and audiences that help reduce CPC and improve the ROI of your paid media campaigns, allowing you to drive growth at lower costs to your business.

What can list building and audiences do for your business?

As we’ve mentioned throughout, the major benefits of creating lists and audiences is a reduction in costs and a boost to effectiveness. This can help your paid media budget go further, improve the ROI of your campaigns and help to power the growth of your brand.

Our list building and audiences service

Given the right accesses, our data experts conduct thorough reviews of the data at your disposal to build lists for remarketing, for email automation, for lookalike campaigns and more besides, making sure your paid media budget, and data driven campaigns are running efficiently and effectively.

Our list building and audiences luminaries

Our experts have helped to improve paid media performance for brands big and small through list building and audiences. Bringing a wealth of experience and success to the table, they can make sure you’re doing the right thing with your data, increasing ROI and growing as quickly as possible.

Andy Hunt Strategy Director
Shubham Sharma Head of PPC
Adam Jones Senior PPC Strategist
Nardiah Kassim-Lowe PPC Manager
Laura Krimmel PPC Manager
Fraser Butler PPC Manager
Ben Cowie Affiliates Director
Adele Jasmine Parry Affiliates Manager
Shea Currey Affiliates
Simon Duffy Senior Affiliates Manager

Our paid media services

Our paid media pros have managed budgets of millions, have decades of collective experience, and have certificates, partnerships, memberships and other industry nods of approval coming out of their collective ears. They’re also well practised at circumventing Google’s improvements to Google Ads, and defending paid media accounts against the help of Google account managers. What more could you ask for?


Paid search is your secret weapon, helping to steer laser-focused traffic to your website. PPC helps to make sure your ads pop up on search engine results pages (SERPs) precisely when potential customers search for keywords aligned with your brand.

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Consider your typical day – how often do you encounter products you've thought about purchasing before (even briefly)? How often are you faced with products you’ve already purchased? These tend to be the results of retargeting campaigns (even the ones that seem to think you might want to buy a second toilet cistern a week after the last one) and, done right, can be among the highest ROI ad campaigns available.

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Youtube Advertising

Positioned as the world’s second-largest search engine, with more than four billion video views worldwide each day (more than a billion of which have gone to Baby Shark, though), YouTube stands as a powerful, cost-effective advertising platform, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to showcase your brand to a vast audience.

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Google Shopping

The power of Shopping Ads paired with feed optimisation is undeniable. As investment in Google Shopping campaigns surpasses most standard search solutions, a robust feed optimisation and Google Shopping strategy can be huge for commerce brands.

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Display Advertising

Display Advertising redefined how brands connected with their audiences. Unlike traditional channels (press, OOH or TV, for example) online display advertising offered a more targeted and cost-effective approach. With the end of 3rd party cookies, this service is changing - but we can still make display campaigns work for your brand.

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Affiliate Marketing

While more than two thirds of online consumers find ads unbelievable and intrusive (various surveys), around 1 in 10 of all ecommerce sales globally can be attributed to affiliate marketing. There’s no time like the present to get started.

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Your partners in list building and audiences

Make the most of the data your customers were happy to give you, and drive the performance of your advertising campaigns. Let’s take the journey together.