Log File Analysis

Experience the joy of true SEO mastery with our log file analysis service - employing a technique often overlooked by modern SEOs to reveal crucial insights hidden from the uninitiated.


What is log file analysis?

Log file analysis was once a cornerstone of site interaction tracking, and of SEO more broadly. It is now a treasure trove often left untouched due to its technical demands. 

Every visit to your site leaves a trail in the form of a log file, capturing details like timestamp, IP of the requesting server, URL requested, status codes, and more. This rich data resource, also known as an 'event log,' can provide a wealth of information for analysis, revealing the intricate relationship between search engine bot activities, page performance, status errors, uncrawled content, and overall site performance.

What can log file analysis do for your business?

Log file analysis contributes to enhanced website visibility, and can form an integral part of your brand’s SEO toolkit. As a less universally practised technique, routine log file analysis can also help position your brand ahead of competitors, ensuring you catch issues others might miss. 

Our log file analysis service

We’ve helped brands to cross oceans, span continents and, importantly, make a lot of money while they did it. With a holistic approach to internationalisation, our experts provide value at every step.

Empowered by a minimum of 15 days of unfiltered, raw data from your domain's active web servers, our service employs a blend of manual, spreadsheet, and software analysis. We meticulously dissect and reconstruct a comprehensive picture of your website's performance, allowing us to:

  • Identify pages that can or cannot be crawled and assess the efficiency of crawl budget usage for large ecommerce sites.
  • Uncover response codes encountered by search engine spiders during crawls, identifying potential issues with site content and structure.
  • Detect crawl issues that could indicate site-wide problems, such as hierarchy or internal linking issues.
  • Determine which sections of your site are prioritised by search engines, guiding strategic efforts for reprioritisation or development.

Don’t get us wrong - SaaS tools offer valuable insights, we use most of them (like, a lot), but none comprehensively covers everything, making log file analysis a fantastic addition to a robust SEO strategy.

Our log file analysis legends

Our amazing team goes beyond the surface, helping clients succeed by marrying research, analysis, and implementation even at this fundamental level.

Kerry Mullin Director of Organic Search
Jake Pittman Technical SEO Manager
Daniel Bee Technical SEO Lead

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