Paid Social

Paid social can be a hugely profitable element of a commerce brand’s marketing mix, with brands great and small leveraging platforms such as Twitter (okay, X, but it’s still a silly name), Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and more to amplify their product and content, narrate compelling stories, and foster connections with customers.


What is Paid social?

Paid social encapsulates paid ads and sponsored/promoted posts visible on social networking platforms. This form of social media advertising directs traffic to profile pages, shops or websites, creating an initial buzz around content or generating brand and product awareness.

Effective social strategies necessitate a connection with the target audience. Paid social acts as a catalyst, enhancing reach to either a new, untapped user base or reinforcing the bond with the existing audience.

What can paid social do for your business?

Paid social is ideal for brands seeking to enhance content reach and raise general awareness. Beyond improving the reach of specific posts or campaign assets, it positions your brand in front of the right audience, potentially enhancing overall organic social performance.

Our paid social service

Functioning as a social media advertising agency on your brand's behalf, we assess overall business objectives and marketing strategies. Through platforms like Facebook Audience Insights, we leverage business and industry data to match audience profiles with targeting options, ensuring budget optimisation and surpassing KPIs.

Paid social strategy

Initiating a successful paid social endeavour demands meticulous research and strategic planning. While strategies remain adaptable to evolving insights, establishing an initial plan is paramount for driving impactful campaigns. Through a comprehensive review of your accounts, targets, demographics, creatives and more, we lay the groundwork for your brand's paid social. Our paid social strategy service encompasses:

Our paid social pioneers

Our team of paid social experts possesses a profound understanding of platforms, creative best practices and bidding strategies - as well as the analytical skills to pull genuine insights from the data available.. With a wealth of experience and passion for their craft, our team serves as paid social evangelists committed to the success of our clients.

Georgina Chalk Head of Social
Emma Garner Social & Email Manager
Rob Watts Social & Email Manager
Sam Fagan Email Marketing Manager

Paid social services

While we will take on paid social activities on any platform, our experts have found, through years of testing, that the following platforms deliver the best results for the lifestyle brands we represent and beyond.

Meta Advertising

In social media, Meta is a colossus, with almost 6 billion active monthly users between its two main social platforms - Instagram and Facebook. With a Meta app installed on three out of four smartphones globally, Meta is the social network for advertising.

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TikTok Ads & Shopping

Available in 150 markets in more than 75 languages, TikTok is the social media sensation that has taken over the world since its launch in 2016. With access to the younger demographics from its early days expanding to a broad cross-section of users over the few years, TikTok is the fifth largest social media platform by active users.

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Snapchat Advertising

With more than 400 million users (though reports are mixed, and Snap self reports almost double that) - and growing 10% per quarter for almost five consecutive years - Snapchat is an often overlooked platform for brands drawn to the promises of the major social media platforms. With active daily users eclipsing both Pinterest and Twitter (do we really need to call it X?), brands should be taking the platform seriously.

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Your partners in paid social

Paid social media is a difficult skill to master and, with changes to cookies and ever strengthening data protection legislation, is more and more difficult to understand and attribute - that’s where our team can help.

Join us in making sure your social media ads reach the right audience at the right time, with the right creatives for their position in the buyer’s journey, to boost your brand recognition and revenue.

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