At Velstar, we blend creativity with technical prowess to deliver the best possible SEO results for your brand. Our mission is to elevate your website's visibility for vital search terms, employing a diverse range of approaches and our unique Shopify platform expertise.

With Velstar, lifestyle brands can anticipate a quantifiable upswing in visibility, a surge in website traffic, heightened customer awareness, and improvements that drive action — be it a purchase, a download, a form submission, or any other important business goal.


Our SEO Service

Even since our founding in 2016, the SEO landscape has undergone substantial changes, with Google and other search engines evolving to combat scammers and spammers. Concurrently, AI advancements loom on the horizon, poised to revolutionise the way we search.

Fear not! We remain at the forefront by continuously refining our strategies and prioritising ongoing learning and development for our teams, tools, and understanding.

We meticulously craft unique strategies, bolstering the online presence of some of Europe’s most prominent lifestyle brands - and they’re ready to power your growth too!

While improving visibility forms the foundation of any SEO strategy, the true rewards extend beyond rankings, contributing to:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Engaging customers and nurturing relationships
  • Establishing trust and credibility
  • Attaining industry authority, especially in critical EEAT verticals
  • Maximising your website's traffic and seizing every opportunity

Our SEO Superstars

Prepare to be amazed! Our remarkable team boasts decades of combined experience, each member contributing a unique set of skills. From technical SEO gurus and semantic data aficionados to UX specialists and content strategists, we've assembled a dream team dedicated to delivering success for brands just like yours.

Kerry Mullin Director of Organic Search
Jake Pittman Technical SEO Manager
Daniel Bee Technical SEO Lead

SEO Services

Technical SEO

At Velstar, we know that, while technical SEO isn't the only factor influencing search visibility, it's the bedrock of any successful SEO strategy.

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Audits & Analysis

Sometimes knowing what’s wrong is half the battle. Our experts audit and analyse your site so you can solve outstanding problems and get to growing.

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Local SEO

Going global starts locally, and our SEO experts help brands reach their goals by engaging customers wherever they are. Let’s make things happen!

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Keyword Research

Understanding how and why people search can be as important as a great product or service. Our keyword research reveals where you need to be.

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SEO Consultancy

There are benefits and pitfalls of both the agency and inhouse model once a brand reaches the level where they can afford to run a department. But there is a way you can get the best of both worlds!

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Manual Penalty Removal

While specific algorithmic penalties are much rarer than they were a decade ago, manual actions can and are regularly placed on websites that breach webmaster quality guidelines – but they can be removed!

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Log File Analysis

Experience the joy of true SEO mastery with Velstar's Log File Analysis service - employing a technique often overlooked by modern SEOs to unveil crucial insights hidden from the uninitiated.

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Website Migration SEO

SEO is not something you do to a website following migration, it needs to be baked into the migration process itself. To avoid visibility drops, maintain brand trust and make sure you offer the best user experience post launch.

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Structured data is about more than just describing what’s on a page, it’s about connecting you to the bigger puzzle that is your vertical. We go beyond the basics to deliver structured data that will prepare you for the AI future.

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International SEO

More than just an hreflang tag, international SEO is about helping your site crack the SERPs of each additional territory, through knowledge of the market, translation, and the many aspects of search that can change from country to country.

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SEO Success Stories

We've had the privilege of working on the SEO of extraordinary brands, enhancing visibility, resolving technical issues, devising future-proof strategies, and consistently contributing to their growth.

Your partners in SEO

Create your own SEO success story with Velstar! Together, we'll transform your website into an industry leader within your niche. Contact us today to embark on this exciting adventure!

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“It's been fantastic working with the team at Velstar. They're the go-to Shopify Plus agency without a doubt.”

Jennifer Heath
Head of Ecommerce

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“Velstar’s dedication, knowledge and experience sets them apart from any other agency I’ve worked with. We’re so happy with what they’ve produced.”

Kevin Clarke,
Ecommerce Manager

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"It's the little details and considerations that they've baked into the build that is the most impressive and truly shows the quality of their work."

Danny Lezer,
Ecommerce Manager

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“With a strong team of Shopify Plus experts, and a commitment to always go above and beyond for their clients, Velstar are the perfect fit for us.”

Andrew Birchall,
Head of Digital