Like most things in design, there are as many types of illustration as there are illustrators, but what they share in common is that they harness the creative flair of the illustrator to help convey an idea or message that, sometimes, words just can’t do alone.


What is illustration?

While you might not be able to describe it exactly, illustration is the kind of thing you know when you see it (or at least when you see a good example). The style of illustration may vary, it covers everything from the cutesy nerdery of Kurzgesagt, to the ever popular vector graphics used in infographics the world over, but they all serve a purpose (when done well), they serve to help communicate an idea, information or message that words alone would never do as well.

Our illustration service

Our designers work with your brand and either your internal copywriters, or the talented bunch we’ve collected at the agency, to determine the desired look and feel of the illustration you need - and how best to serve the communication of the information you wish to convey. 

Once an initial approach has been agreed, our designers work together with the writers to produce a whole that is much more than the sum of its parts. They will then return to stakeholders and present the work before incorporating feedback into the final version - making sure that it communicates the right message in the right way to engage your audience.

What can illustration do for your business?

Illustrations are as much a tool as they are a style of imagery, they can help you quickly convey an important message or feeling, break down something complex (or give your customers something cute to share on social media). They can play an important role in brand building, in communications, social media strategies and much more.

Our illustration imagineers

Our team has turned big ideas into digestible images, they’ve created illustrative infographics, and conveyed whole brand stories in single still. With a passion for illustration and a skill for execution, they can help say what you want in the space that you have.

Chris Arrowsmith Head of Design
Lee Turner Senior Designer

Our Design services

Despite a near criminal lack of twirly moustaches, berets and easels, our designers have a proven track record of excellence and unmatched Shopify expertise.

UX & UI Design

As a dedicated Shopify agency, our team has developed a wealth of experience creating user experiences and user interfaces that are able to wow the user and hold their hand all the way to the checkout.

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Art Direction

When a brand’s ready to take its next big steps, it’s often a good time to start creating a cohesive design strategy to join together and refine a look and feel which has likely developed organically over time. That’s where art direction comes in - helping you to craft a creative strategy that shapes perception and lays a foundation for the future.Harness the artistic skills and experience of our designers to craft a creative strategy that shapes perception and lays a foundation for the future.

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Visual Branding

Visual branding tells the story of your brand at a glance, it’s the shape of the coca cola bottle, it’s the Nike swoosh, it’s the Burberry plaid, the distinctive animation style of Headspace. Your visual identity should allow your customers to pick you out of a line-up without a second thought, demonstrating the same kind of care and attention to detail you put into your products.

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Graphic Design

Applied art is the description commonly given to graphic design, and it’s as good as any - it’s about using the many skills of a designer and many aspects of design to craft a targeted, visual communication of a message to a specified audience.

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Design & UX Consultancy

Design and UX consultancy allows your brand to take advantage of our expert team to upskill and provide direction for inhouse designers or teams. Sometimes you don’t need us to do everything, but just to empower you to do it instead - and we’re always happy to help.

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Design Success Stories

We've had the privilege of working on the rebrand of extraordinary brands, enhancing experience, resolving and future-proofing their design.

Your partners in illustration

Have something important to say, but not a lot of space or time in which to say it? Illustration may be what you need. Let’s take the journey together!