Snapchat Advertising

With more than 400 million users (though reports are mixed, and Snap self reports almost double that) - and growing 10% per quarter for almost five consecutive years - Snapchat is an often overlooked platform for brands drawn to the promises of the major social media platforms. With active daily users eclipsing both Pinterest and Twitter (do we really need to call it X?), brands should be taking the platform seriously.


What is Snapchat advertising?

Like with TikTok, Snapchat’s native advertising is content focused - inserting branded content into the user’s normal in-app experience. Where Snapchat differs from other social media platforms is the users it provides access to. In fact, according to market research conducted for the platform, 43% of the app’s users between sixteen and sixty-four did not use TikTok, and more than half were not daily users of YouTube - making them a rather unique subset of social media users.

In addition, as the parent company looks to begin improving its revenue, the app is doubling down on its ability to reach this unique demographic with its five ad types:

  • Single image or video: - native ‘Snap-style’ images or videos with a huge freedom to create branded content up to a 1Gb file size.
  • Stories: - a series of ads between content, or a branded ‘tile’ in the ‘Discover’ section.
  • Lenses: - branded, interactive AR experiences.
  • Collections: - made-for-commerce ads allowing you to showcase a range.

Commercials: - unskippable six-second video ads.

What can Snapchat advertising do for your business?

Snapchat is extremely proud of the effectiveness of its advertising options - which it mostly puts down to being a social platform that targets real-life friends and family. To this end, here are some of the platforms key promises (though much is from Snap commissioned research, so pinches of salt required, we have found these promises convincing during our own campaigns):

  • Close friends have 4X more influence on purchasing decisions than celebrities or influencers.
  • People are happier and more receptive to ads on Snapchat.
  • Snapchat reaches 90% of the 13-24 year old population and 75% of the 13-34 year old population in 20+ countries.
  • Snapchat is the top platform for sharing purchases they love
  • Snapchatters have $4.4 trillion in global spending power.

Our Snapchat advertising service

Our team of digital natives have been using Snapchat since the early days back in 2011, and have watched it grow from a messaging platform to one of the fastest growing social media platforms. We’ve delivered results for brands big and small, across a wide range of verticals.

Our Snapchat scholars

Our team of Snapchat specialists have been building and optimising campaigns since the days of branded filters. Passionate about social media, and with a skill for creating the right content for the platform and your brand, they can help you achieve your goals on this content focused platform.

Georgina Chalk Head of Social
Emma Garner Social & Email Manager
Rob Watts Social & Email Manager
Sam Fagan Email Marketing Manager

Paid social services

While we will take on paid social activities on any platform, our experts have found, through years of testing, that the following platforms deliver the best results for the lifestyle brands we represent and beyond.

Meta Advertising

In social media, Meta is a colossus, with almost 6 billion active monthly users between its two main social platforms - Instagram and Facebook. With a Meta app installed on three out of four smartphones globally, Meta is the social network for advertising.

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TikTok Ads & Shopping

Available in 150 markets in more than 75 languages, TikTok is the social media sensation that has taken over the world since its launch in 2016. With access to the younger demographics from its early days expanding to a broad cross-section of users over the few years, TikTok is the fifth largest social media platform by active users.

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Your partners in Snapchat advertising

Paid social media is an easy technique to begin, but a difficult one to master. Join us in making sure your Snapchat ads reach the right audience at the right time to boost your brand recognition and your revenue.