It’s a little bit nerdy, and a lot technical, but the benefits are worth the effort. Schema and structured data are not just about describing the data on your site, they’re about building a framework that connects your site to the wider internet. In the age of the algorithm and the large language model, having machine readable data can give you the edge. Schema is what can make that happen. We like structured data, could you tell?


What is schema?

Schema, or structured data, is a form of data markup that turns the content of your website into machine readable data. Using JSON-LD (JavaScript Object Notation for Linked Data), inline microdata or RDFa (less common these days), schema helps to join the information on your site not just internally between pages, but also between your site and the broader internet, allowing you to create entities, build trust and improve visibility.

Not only does schema fit with Google’s plans to improve search through EEAT (expertise, experience, authority and trustworthiness), but also with a future that incorporates large language models such as ChatGPT, Bard and others, into search.

Our Schema Service

Our team of schema experts will conduct a thorough review of your site and its schema requirements with the intention to implement something above and beyond the standard organisation and page level schema types. Once we have established what your brand needs to do to help your brand successfully  build a custom schema solution, we will then assist with the implementation - allowing you to build expert entities of key stakeholders, take advantage of rich results unavailable without markup and prepare yourself for an algorithm led future.

What can schema do for your business?

Schema is a difficult to quantify process - it has a clear impact on a range of search and visibility factors, helping search engines to better understand your content and, therefore, to return your site in results for commercially important search terms, but it's real ROI is in its potential to future-proof your business. 

Information architecture is an important part of how we retrieve information from the internet, and it’s growing in importance all the time, so make sure you’re the first brand in your vertical to get it right.

Our schema supremos

Our team of schema experts can help you to make sure your data is machine readable, your content is building authority and your site is future proof for an era that will be increasingly reliant on machine learning. They’re also pretty cool.

Kerry Mullin Director of Organic Search
Jake Pittman Technical SEO Manager
Daniel Bee Technical SEO Lead

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Your partners in schema

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