Our Services

With a large and growing team of unbeatable Shopify experts, and decades of combined knowledge and experience, we help to build, grow, and scale the operations of brands that help their customers express their personality through a purchase.

Frontend Dev

Like any field that becomes sufficiently complex, there’s a need to specialise - a drive that gave us molecular biologists, quantum physicists, latte artists and the split between front and backend developers. While each of our developers has a broad knowledge of the many languages that power the internet, we allow our developers to mature in their passions and specialisms to make sure our clients get the best available.


The design elements needed by a modern commerce brand are so varied that it can be difficult to maintain the skills you need in-house. Fear not! We’ve put together a crack team of creatives ready to dazzle you with design.

Content Marketing

Quality content from experienced creatives, designed, written and produced to enhance your reputation, improve visibility and grow revenue.

Paid Media

Dive into the deep and difficult to navigate waters of paid media with Velstar (and a spare tank of O2), where our decades of experience help you to explore and exploit the intricate sea-beds of paid advertising (is it too early to stop torturing the metaphor?), ensuring every penny you invest returns tangible results for your brand.

Paid Social

Paid social can be a hugely profitable element of a commerce brand’s marketing mix, with brands great and small leveraging platforms such as Twitter (okay, X, but it’s still a silly name), Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and more to amplify their product and content, narrate compelling stories, and foster connections with customers.


At Velstar, we excel at blending creativity with technical prowess, defining the artistry of SEO. Our mission is to elevate your website's visibility for vital search terms, employing a diverse range of tailored approaches.

Backend Dev

Shopify is an incredibly powerful commerce platform - but making it work for each and every brand is a unique challenge. There are external partners that need to be integrated, processes that need to be streamlined and/or automated and a host of other technical barriers that need to be overcome. That’s where our BED experts come in to make Shopify the perfect platform for your brand.


As a proud partner of Meta and Microsoft, Velstar can supercharge your paid social campaigns thanks to our exclusive access to the tools and resources that’ll get your business in front of eager consumers.

Additional Services

Not satisfied with offering a huge range of development and marketing services, we’ve also developed an internal expertise in a variety of consultative and collaborative services that can help power the growth of your brand. It’s also a handy category to help tidy up the design of our service sections.


Imagine you have a bricks-and-mortar store, maybe you even have a bricks-and-mortar store. Now imagine you have a Keith - Keith knocks items out of the hands of every third customer and nobody knows how to stop him. Don’t you want to get rid of Keith? That’s conversion rate optimisation.