Christmas Tree World is one of the leading UK retailers of artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights and decorations.

Velstar supported them across PPC, SEO, affiliate marketing and paid social channels.


more revenue from Organic traffic


More revenue from 30% less budget


More revenue from Bing Ads



Affiliate Marketing

Paid Social

SEO activity began with technical optimisation and CRO to ensure a solid foundation for campaign performance. The site migrated to HTTPS and page speed issues were resolved. Revised keyword research was conducted and this aligned with the consumer insights we had gathered.

Original and engaging content campaigns followed using OnePoll survey data to develop an infographic around what British homeowners leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve. An influencer marketing campaign was also used to develop a library of original lifestyle imagery that could be pushed through paid media channels.

Paid media campaigns had specific targets to achieve 4:1 ROAS for all campaigns before Black Friday and 6:1 ROAS after Black Friday.

To achieve this, AdWords and Bing Ads accounts were completely rebuilt with new search and shopping campaign structures that allowed us to bid separately for the best converting keywords while treating other terms with lower bids. We also created search and shopping campaigns for specific tree sizes and tailored as messaging accordingly.

Affiliates were not a channel that Christmas Tree World had previously used. We needed to develop an effective strategy to prove that it could deliver significant ROI for their business, with incentives for driving new customers.

To maximise value through the affiliate channel we created a commission structure that gave higher rewards to affiliates who were driving new customers & upper-funnel value. Affiliates who cannibalised brand term traffic by optimising for voucher code terms received much lower rates of commission.

The results through affiliates were excellent, and it proved to be a valuable new revenue stream for the business.

Like affiliate marketing, paid social represented a new opportunity for Christmas Tree World. To ensure, the channel would become profitable we analysed the previous year’s performance data to build out a core demographic that would help with targeting.

We recognised that Facebook campaigns represented an opportunity to drive awareness and interest; they were allocated approximately a quarter the budget and were built using the Waterfall structure (engagement campaigns followed by conversion campaigns).

Campaigns for September and October were targeted towards business owners. Campaigns for November onwards were targeted towards our core demographic of mums with Apple devices. Engagement campaigns launched first and promoted content sourced by our SEO team. Conversion campaigns followed and retargeted people who had engaged with content. The results for the client were phenomenal.

“Working with We Influence has been a breath of fresh air. They went to great lengths to understand our business and our customers, which undoubtedly helped make our PPC and SEO campaigns so successful.”

Stephen Evans,
Owner, Christmas Tree World