Direct Stoves has always enjoyed a healthy amount of organic traffic to the blog posts on its website, but a refreshed approach was required to further monetise an area of the site which was welcoming an engaged audience.


increase in assisted conversions


incase in assisted conversion revnue


in blog page views

Content Marketing

The Solution

In just six months, through blog content, we have significantly increased organic traffic, visibility for target keywords and generated significant assisted conversions and direct click sales.

We have achieved this using variety of tactics:

  • We conducted a keyword gap analysis against both organic search competitors and direct marketplace competitors.
  • We also conducted a backlink analysis to determine areas of authority and areas where authority needs to be improved via content.
  • We have conducted a link intersection analysis to see which high value sites are linking to competitor websites, providing us with the ability to 'outcreate' high value content on competitor websites.
  • Blogs have been optimised via CRO/UX to increase assisted and direct click conversions.
  • Editorial strategy has been refined to create more blogs that drive sales e.g. brand and product spotlights.
  • High traffic legacy blogs have been optimised to drive further conversions.

We conducted a thorough ppc account audit, highlighting problems that limited performance in the past and laying out an action plan for improvement and growth.

The action plan was extensive:

  • Full ‘from the ground up rebuild of the ads account, including keyword research and expansion and an overhaul of ad creative.
  • Implementation of new campaign targeting options, including ‘in-market’ and demographic audience targeting.
  • Creation and launch of css (comparison shopping services) shopping ppc campaigns.
  • Expansion of ad extension assets such as site links, callouts, price extensions and structured snippets.
  • Implementation of bidding optimisation driven by machine learning.

“The quality of the content being created by Velstar for our website has further helped position Direct Stoves as an authority in the sector. The writing is detailed, authoritative and also educational and it has been pleasing to see the work rewarded by higher visibility for target keywords as well as increased assisted conversions.”

Adam Leah,
Managing Director, Direct Stoves