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Velstar Shortlisted for Two UK Ecommerce Awards

Award season has rolled around and, with it, two more award nominations! This time for the upcoming UK Ecommerce Awards!

Award entries are as much an art as a science, but we think we’ve told a compelling story and are delighted to have been shortlisted for both ‘Large Ecommerce Agency’ and, for our work with Comet, ‘B2C Ecommerce Website of the Year’. For now, we’re happy enough to be shortlisted - but that’s likely to change as the ceremony draws near.

We remain committed to not invading the stage in protest at any awards we don’t win, especially those we didn’t enter. If you see us invading the stage, you didn’t. Shh. Tell nobody.

CEO and founder, Dan Sheard had the following to say:

It’s getting harder to think of unique ways to put this! But that’s a good problem to have. We’ve achieved some incredible results in the last year and awards and nominations are just a small acknowledgement of our ongoing growth and success.

We know we’re doing great things, but we also know there’s a lot more to come - and I think the industry as a whole will be sitting up and paying attention as things come to fruition over the next year or so. I’m proud of the agency and the team and can’t wait to see what we achieve.

Regardless of whether we come home with a trophy (hopefully legitimately) we have to extend our thanks to the clients, partners and Velstar team for their faith in and contribution to what we’re doing. 

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