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When Should You Upgrade to Shopify Plus?

Online shopping is on the rise, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down. Increased customer demand means efficiency has never been more important.  

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify are built to help merchants manage their businesses more effectively. Shopify comes with everything a merchant needs to get up and running, firing and selling. Whether you’re just starting out or selling in a handful of locations, standard Shopify is a great option. 

But what about larger enterprises that are looking for advanced functionality to scale? Or merchants who have a strong physical brick-and-mortar presence and are looking to go digital? 

This is exactly what Shopify Plus has been made for - addressing the complexities of running larger direct-to-consumer stores. Shopify Plus’ innovative features automate and streamline ecommerce processes and transactions, so merchants can focus on business growth.

Before we deep dive into when it’s the right time to upgrade to Shopify Plus, here’s a summary of the benefits of Plus and why so many of the world’s biggest brands have made the move. 

  • High traffic optimisation. 
  • Unrivalled speed and security. 
  • Automation of workflow processes.
  • Endless customisation possibilities.
  • Personalised checkout.
  • International and multi-currency capability.
  • World-class third-party app ecosystem.
  • Cross-channel selling on platforms like eBay, Amazon or Etsy.
  • In-depth analytics dashboard, including transactional and customer analytics.
  • Access to Script Editor Gives you the freedom to write customised scripts. 
  • Easy management of customer interactions, pricing, and promotions.
  • 24-hour support.

When should you switch to Shopify Plus?

You may have reservations about migrating your business to a new platform or are unsure if now is the right time to switch. 

Ask yourself the following questions to figure out if Shopify Plus is right for your business:

Are you making over $1m in annual revenue?

Once you’re hitting the $1M+ mark per annum, it’s the right time to upgrade to Shopify Plus. The platform is perfect for brands who are rapidly growing and have big scaling ambitions. 

Not only does upgrading to Shopify Plus make sense from a scaling perspective, but it also makes financial sense. 

Shopify Plus’ base pricing plan starts at $2,000 per month. But once your business makes $800,000 or more per month, the fee turns into a revenue-based model and you’ll pay 0.25% of your monthly revenue. 

The additional features that come with Shopify Plus justify the price because they give you the freedom to scale and generate significant ROI, without the weight and cost of legacy enterprise software.

Do you need of an ecommerce expert to support your growth plans?

Running an ecommerce business isn’t easy, especially when you’re serious about scaling. Sometimes you need a helping hand to reach your goals. When you decide to upgrade to Shopify Plus, the platform will partner you with an expert agency who knows the industry inside-out. 

At Velstar, we’re a Shopify Plus partner agency, combined we have over 50 years of ecommerce experience and have helped over 250 brands harness the power of Shopify Plus and boost their digital presence. From Shopify design and development, to conversion optimisation and customer retention, we’re specialists in end-to-end ecommerce and know what it takes to be successful online.

Are you looking to expand into international markets?

If you’re looking to take your ecommerce business global (who isn’t these days?), Shopify Plus has all the tools you need to expand into multiple international territories, allowing you to keep track of the performance of all domains in one simple dashboard. And at no extra cost, you can create 10 clone stores, each in different languages and currencies. 

Are repetitive tasks preventing you from growing?

As you’re growing, you may have noticed that you have a lot less time on your hands. Some tasks are repetitive and distract you from your bigger growth plans.  

When you upgrade to Shopify Plus, these repetitive, time-consuming tasks become less of a problem. This is because Plus comes with lots of tools to help you automate these kinds of tasks, including:

Shopify Flow: An automation tool that allows you to automate tasks through workflows. You can use it to manage various operations, such as order management, buyer experience, and promotions. It also seamlessly integrates with apps like Trello, Asana, and many more. 

Shopify Launchpad: Automates your front-end processes such as product launches or marketing campaigns. Launchpad helps you prepare for promotional events while saving you time on admin tasks.

Are you selling wholesale?

If you’re selling wholesale products, then Plus is a great option for you. It has a wholesale channel that allows you to reach B2B customers. 

Also, set up is seamless and super quick. You can use your customer and inventory data to create a store for your wholesale customers. All you need to do is integrate your 3PL and any other systems your business needs. 

Are you outgrowing your staff accounts?

A growing business needs to hire more people to keep up with demand. 

Shopify Plus comes with unlimited staff accounts, so you never have to worry about your team outgrowing your platform again. 

Do you want the flexibility to customise your checkout 

As mentioned earlier, Shopify plus comes with various features that make customisation simple, including your checkout process. If you want the flexibility to customise your checkout, then upgrading to Shopify Plus is a no-brainer. 

Thanks to Shopify Plus’ checkout.liquid file, you can change the look, shipping methods and payment options on your checkout page. With Plus you have full control over your store’s branding and functionality. 

Should you migrate to Shopify Plus?

Ultimately, the decision is yours. But Shopify Plus is the perfect ecommerce solution for brands that want to scale and take their businesses global. If that’s you, then it’s definitely worth considering. 

Your annual revenue and business goals will help you determine whether the platform is right for you. But if you’d like to hear more about Plus and how it can take your business to the next level, contact our Shopify Plus experts, we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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