The Bamboo Baby Company was created with the mission of giving every Baby the opportunity to sleep soundly, as nature intended.

After discovering the benefits of Bamboo, founders Phillippa and James set out to create a range of baby products made exclusively from this incredible material. They designed a range of cots and bedding with superior strength and softness, giving parents and babies all the health and environmental benefits of organic bamboo.

Over six months, we were able to optimise both the Brand and non-Brand elements of the account:


Increase in website sessions from Google Ads


Increase in campaign revenue from Google Ads


Increase in return on ad spend from Google Ads

The Solution

We devised a solution that could be executed as a one-off project. The solution would give Phillippa and James ready-made ad campaigns that would generate sales and be easy for them to manage themselves.

Our goal was to make the campaigns as simple to manage as possible – we wanted the daily tasks to take no more than 15 minutes per day. We started by building a Merchant center account and a keyword optimized product feed.

We then configured the Google Ads account with appropriate conversion tracking and attribution settings.

We then created a set of Search Ad and Shopping campaigns. The campaigns were designed to focus ad spend on only the most relevant search query themes, limiting the possibilities for wasted ad spend.

Using scaled-down best practices for structure and ad copy, we made the campaigns easy for Phillippa and James to manage and optimize, requiring little more than occasional budget changes.

The new campaigns gave the Bamboo Baby Company reach and visibility in a competitive marketplace.

We managed the campaigns for a month, adding fine-tuning and making sure they were performing as intended. We then provided a coaching session for Phillippa and James to help them understand how to manage the new ad campaigns for themselves before handing over the campaigns at the end of the month.

“The team were approachable, down to earth and always ready to help when we needed extra guidance. We would certainly recommend the team at We Influence to anyone out there, big or small, looking for help with their digital marketing.”

Phillippa Savage,
Founder and Director, The Bamboo Baby Company