Email & SMS

Email and SMS marketing remain important parts of any commerce marketing strategy, helping brands extend the reach of their offering, amplify their brand message, showcase products, and engage with their customers effectively. 


What is email marketing?

The beauty of email marketing lies in its ability to convey information to a targeted, engaged audience, in a matter of moments.

With platforms like Klaviyo, our email experts provide the chance to offer unique, relevant content to every recipient.

Proven to build trust and maintain connections with a brand, email marketing is a method of delivering potential or existing customers to your website through offers, personalisation, and making the most of precious first party data.

Email and SMS audits

While we offer a comprehensive email and SMS service, everything we do starts with a comprehensive audit of your email and SMS marketing infrastructure, database, and campaign performance. Only then will we craft a strategy that delivers improved results for your brand.

Our email & SMS marketing service

From fully automated programs to basic day-to-day communications; whether it's monthly newsletters, promotional emails, abandoned basket follow-ups or anything in between, our expert team executes campaigns across various verticals, all delivering excellent ROI.

What email and SMS marketing can do for your business

It’s estimated that there are more than four billion active email accounts, and over seven billion people in the world with smartphones. So, if you want your brand to reach the largest slice of your target demographic, email, and SMS marketing is the way to do it!

  • Low cost: - email and SMS campaigns boast lower costs when compared to other digital and offline marketing forms.
  • Targeting: - email and SMS are among the few marketing forms that users choose to receive, leading to better engagement and conversion.
  • Relationship building: - well-executed email and SMS marketing fosters positivity and trust, nurturing relationships with current and prospective customers.
  • Reduce retargeting costs: converting existing customers through smart, targeted email campaigns will limit the amount of budget you need to spend on paid media retargeting efforts.

Our email and SMS marketing masters

Email mastery is not an easy climb, but there they are, the Velstar national flag waving in the breeze (note to marketing team, get national flag), having conquered email mountain. Make sure your brand is getting the results it deserves from your email marketing with their help.

Georgina Chalk Head of Social
Rob Watts Social & Email Manager
Emma Garner Social & Email Manager
Sam Fagan Email Marketing Manager

Your partners in email and SMS marketing

Let's embark on this journey together! Drop us a line and let's create email and SMS marketing campaigns that will work wonders for your brand.

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