Web Development

Your website is more than just a place to buy things, it’s your shop window, your customer services, the way you build and maintain relationships with your customers – and its importance can’t be overstated.

Ever wonder why you arrive in a supermarket at the fresh fruit and vegetables? Why, despite their differences, shops in the same vertical are laid out and navigated in the same way? Billions has been spent historically on psychological and behavioural studies to make sure that a physical store delivers the best experience for the customer while also bringing in the most revenue for the brand.

Our decades of collective experience feed in to creating websites in the same way – making sure it’s fast and fluid, intuitive and capable of delivering the same customer experience you’d offer in a physical store to maximise your revenue and customer satisfaction.

Our experts are at the top of their game and dedicated to ecommerce – meaning we deal with the problems you’re facing every day.

Our website development services have contributed to:


Increase in YoY revenue D2C sales for Avon.


Increase in YoY revenue for Kelly Loves.


Increase in YoY revenue for Castore.

Partners not providers

It’s our job to help you succeed, and we’ll invest in doing exactly that.

We know that if we do great work, our clients succeed online – and that success leads to those clients trusting us to do more great work. Combined with a commitment to clear and transparent communication (stuff goes wrong sometimes – it’s our job to fix it, not make excuses) our approach has allowed us to become growth partners for many of our clients.

What we do and why

The number one UK agency for lifestyle brands, Velstar is a dedicated Shopify agency with an unbeatable range of specialist commerce talent. Offering end-to-end support for brands across design, development, and marketing, we’re helping to build, grow, and scale brands that want to be more than a one-off purchase. With clients spanning verticals - including Castore, Neom, Avon, McLaren, French Connection, Tangle Teezer, and many more, we’re partners in commerce for some of the UK and Europe’s best-loved brands.

Castore logo

“With a strong team of Shopify Plus experts, and a commitment to always go above and beyond for their clients, Velstar are the perfect fit for us.”

Andrew Birchall,
Head of Digital

Linda Farrow logo

“It's been fantastic working with the team at Velstar. They're the go-to Shopify Plus agency without a doubt.”

Jennifer Heath
Head of Ecommerce

Sculpted by Aimee logo

“Velstar’s dedication, knowledge and experience sets them apart from any other agency I’ve worked with. We’re so happy with what they’ve produced.”

Kevin Clarke,
Ecommerce Manager

Kelly Loves logo

"It's the little details and considerations that they've baked into the build that is the most impressive and truly shows the quality of their work."

Danny Lezer,
Ecommerce Manager