Blue Vanilla is a London-based women’s fashion brand delivering on-trend clothing at affordable prices.

To ensure customers ‘never get bored’, the UK-based design team delivers a constant flow of new styles to complement their already expansive range. The website offers the best shopping experience, helping customers to create their own styles, not just buy fashion.


increase in sessions


incase in year on year campaign revenue


in campaign return on ad spend

The Plan

The Solution

The Blue Vanilla team wanted to significantly accelerate the rate of business growth, setting a target to double year-on-year revenue during the next 12 months.

PPC campaigns would need to play a significant role in achieving this, however the campaigns had been beset by a history of problems relating to structure and implementation.

Velstar needed to identify and address the root performance problems that were holding the PPC campaigns back. Our first goal was to achieve profitability. We then needed to scale the campaigns to increase revenue.

We conducted a thorough ppc account audit, highlighting problems that limited performance in the past and laying out an action plan for improvement and growth.

The action plan was extensive:

  • Full ‘from the ground up rebuild of the ads account, including keyword research and expansion and an overhaul of ad creative.
  • Implementation of new campaign targeting options, including ‘in-market’ and demographic audience targeting.
  • Creation and launch of css (comparison shopping services) shopping ppc campaigns.
  • Expansion of ad extension assets such as site links, callouts, price extensions and structured snippets.
  • Implementation of bidding optimisation driven by machine learning.