Envy Shoes is the online destination for women’s footwear, for heels, ankle boots, thigh high boots and more.

Velstar began supporting Envy Shoes across their paid advertising and social media platforms in February 2020. In a relatively short period of time and working closely with the team at Envy Shoes, we have been able to generate outstanding results.


Increase in revenue


Increase in transactions


Improvement in ROAS


Paid Social

Throughout the year we tested a variety of shopping, search and display campaigns, with shopping ultimately proving to be the best performer.

At the start we set up both brand and non-brand shopping campaigns. This was a phase during which the shopping feed was restructured and the campaigns began to learn.

We spent time optimising the legacy search campaign to try and boost performance, as well as creating a DSA campaign to identify new generic keywords to target.

We carried out regular search query and bid adjustments to optimise performance while running regular promotions to maximise sales.

Working alongside the team at Envy Shoes we adjusted our tactics throughout the year and according to the season. We split out the shopping campaigns by seasonal product types, allowing us to easily advertise the best selling products and to utilise Google’s automated bidding software.

Overall we have seen very positive growth since we started work on the account, achieving an overall ROAS of 361% across the 12 months on PPC.

Paid Social Media has proven to be an important digital marketing tactic for Envy Shoes over the course of 2020.

The campaign began by setting up the accounts and creating the first sets of advertising copy. This text was regularly tweaked over the months to continuously optimise the ads and look to build and improve on performance year on year.

The outbreak of Covid-19 required a change to the strategy, with an emphasis placed on more relaxed styles.

Summer months saw a significant increase in promotion of sliders and sandals while slippers and boots were the focus as the year drew to a close.

Lots of best seller and weekend promotions were executed while we also tested targeting the US audience as well as offering a discount to NHS staff.

“Velstar have been amazing in accelerating our growth over the past year. We’ve worked closely with the team to ensure everything aligns with our branding and they regularly update us of any changes, reporting etc which is extremely helpful. Being able to adjust quickly to current situations has been more important than ever this past year and Velstar are always on hand to make any required changes and suggestions. As a digital brand, our online presence is extremely important to us, and We Influence has helped us grow this massively.”

Florence Ledwith,
Owner, ENVY Shoes